Pontimax Technologies’s Comprehensive Solution For Agile Inferencing & Reasoning Decision Support at The Cloud “Edge”

DANBURY, Conn., Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pontimax Technologies LLC announced its agile solution for meeting the challenge of inferencing & reasoning at the “Cloud Edge”, including an “Edge-Focused” version of its Dynamic Meta-Inferencing (DM-I) agent software that’s capable of delivering full information advantage & decision support to mission operators, even when disconnected from the higher “Cloud”.

Delivering Focused Inferencing+Reasoning Based Decision Support At the “Cloud-Edge” Is Challenging

Ray Keating, Managing Member, Pontimax Technologies, was asked what was needed to deploy Pontimax’s DM-I Agent technology in Cloud “Edge” applications, he responded, “We think it’s important to understand the scope that Inferencing+Reasoning-At-The-Edge encompasses and why it’s very challenging to conduct in Cloud “Edge” environments.  Pontimax’s DM-I Agent employs the user’s Inferencing Goal Entity (IGE) and Predicate Fact Pattern Meta-Specifications to generate Sensor Data Pattern queries against Sensor Data Stores, and, as recently announced (see pontimax.com) to remotely invoke Machine Learning/Deep Learning (ML/DL) inferencing routines on video and other ML capable sensors & Sensor Data Stores. The constituent Predicate Fact Pattern inferencing results determines whether the Inferencing Goal Event has occurred (or not occurred) followed by the emitting of the specified Consequent Actions.” Additionally, the necessary Sensor Function Interface modules must be in place along with Local Area Network addressing information.  Mr. Keating noted this requires the DM-I Agent-At-The-Edge to have network “reach” to the relevant Sensors and Sensor Data Stores.  If the essential inferencing functions and capabilities and coverage information and network “reach” are all in place and available, the Inferencing Agent has the ability to perform “Detect-Classify-Identify-Communicate” operational decision support actions that would provide full or partial implementation of de-centralized OODA Loop Decisions and Actions, enabling tactical decisions at operational mission speed

Compact, Asynchronous DM-I Agent At-The-Edge Pontimax’s DM-I Agent-At-The-Edge software requires approximately ten megabytes of memory, allowing it to operate even in small “Intelligent Sensor Node” computing environments. The latest Inferencing Agent version has been enhanced to support remote Fact Pattern invocations, with asynchronous response handling.  Asynchronous response handling will allow the inferencing routines to be situated in any network addressable platform, instead of as an integral part of the Inferencing Agent itself.

Making It All Work:  A Mission-Focused, “Capabilities & Coverage (C&C)” Knowledge Base
The Capability & Coverage Knowledge Base is the key to the Inferencing Agent’s access to mission-relevant sensor data and inferencing resources. Pontimax will be separately announcing the C&C Knowledge Base. We will highlight the C&C Knowledge Base’s vital role as the Information Repository for all mission knowledge essential for the Inferencing Agent’s ability to provide an Information Advantage and crucial Decision Support to mission commanders and operators. 

Making It All Work:  Ensuring ALL Mission Essential Inferencing Capabilities & Resources Are In Place
The Capability & Coverage Knowledge Base also serves as the central resource for “GitOps” type repository-based, knowledge driven resourcing and provisioning of Inferencing Agent-At-The Edge and ML-based inferencing modules on the mission platforms dictated by the mission planning & execution requirements.

About Pontimax Technologies LLC

Founded in 1999, Pontimax Technologies has focused on AI technology development, building on a history of its predecessor firm’s successes in Rule-Based Expert systems and Meta-Data specification driven software.   Starting in 2006, it originated its innovative Dynamic Meta Inferencing (DMI) and successfully applied DMI in multiple applications, including ADLGuardian, a caregiver oversight system to support independent living for autistic spectrum disorder individuals and yrConnected™, Pontimax’s Personal Wellness & Safety Monitoring service.

About Ray Keating

Ray Keating, Managing Member of Pontimax Technologies is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a combat veteran with forty-four combat missions in Southeast Asia.  He is also co-inventor on six U.S. patents and several foreign patents. His record of solid accomplishment in Artificial Intelligence technology started in 1982, when he designed and implemented the very first Rules-Based, Expert System used in daily brokerage operations, the Merrill Lynch Bond Funds Automated Swap System.

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Ray Keating, Managing Member
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