PodMatch.com Now Paying Podcast Hosts When They Release Episodes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PodMatch, a popular podcasting service that automatically matches podcast hosts and guests together to record interviews, begins paying podcast hosts whenever they release new episodes through their new initiative called PodValue, company founder Alex Sanfilippo announced today. Effective immediately, podcasts hosts using PodMatch’s interview booking system will earn monetary rewards when releasing new episodes. (Explore available membership options, features, and pricing at PodMatch.com)

At the start of PodMatch’s PodValue initiative, it is envisioned that a podcaster who has an interview format show can cut back on hours of administrative work and get paid for releasing new episodes when they utilize PodMatch’s interview management system.

"Podcasters, being creators, don’t make money for the art of podcasting. That’s something that’s been on my mind to change for over a year now," Sanfilippo said. "I believe podcast hosts should get paid for the value they’re adding to the world. The PodValue initiative is going to revolutionize the podcasting industry and will quickly become the new standard."

PodMatch has launched this new program with just three simple steps involved:

1.  A podcast host must confirm a match for an episode.
2.  Set an interview date and time using the PodMatch interview management system.
3.  Once the episode is scheduled for release, PodMatch will pay the podcast host.

The goal of the PodValue initiative is to help offset the cost that podcasters incur for their show’s production.

To further cast the vision of this new innovative program, Sanfilippo stated, "Our goal is to help monetize and streamline the booking process for every podcast out there. No matter how big or small, we appreciate all they do and want to support them on their podcasting journey. I expect that the PodValue initiative will help offset podcasters’ cost and most of the administrative work, and ultimately, help them continue producing their podcast for years to come.

"PodMatch paying hosts for the art of creating content via podcast interviews is a win for show hosts everywhere and the podcasting industry as a whole." Sanfilippo added, "We’re honored to be part of podcasters’ journey in this new way."

PodMatch is proud to report that during a 30-day soft launch of the PodValue initiative (01/14/2022 – 02/14/2022), they experienced an immediate increase in podcasters utilizing the PodMatch system along with record-breaking signups of podcasters joining their platform.


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