parkken, NYC Street Parking App to Also Offer Garage Discounts

NEW YORK, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A man drives into New York City and looks for a parking space. For most of us, that is its own punchline. Finding a time and place to park legally in Manhattan generally hurts when you have to laugh. Though parking in the city is a part of everyday life, the patchwork of rules and regulations is so frustrating even the most experienced scratch their heads. To park on Manhattan’s streets your average driver confronts a Jenga of parking signs precariously stacked on top of each other to make a shape that almost always looks absurd and can barely support its own weight. All of those authoritative directives that loom threateningly down from signposts only provoke more questions. Do I read the signs in front of my car or behind? Does the order of the signs read top to bottom, or vice versa? One sign is twisted. Is its arrow pointing to heaven or hell? I heard COVID rules are different. This isn’t even taking into account whether or not the Street Sweepers are on their way or when Commercial Vehicles will muscle in to deliver essential cell phone accessories.

The parkken app from Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC offers a different design solution. There is its novel base map with their unique Clock Symbols that define parking rules on each block, and for users in a hurry, there is the Can I Park Here? interface that interprets and translates that map into plain English. The potential for legal parking for the time and place that a user requests is simply spelled out. That explanation begins with the soonest available legal parking and ends at that time parking again becomes restricted. It translates the parking rules where you are or wherever else on its Manhattan map you want to be.

The newest addition to the Can I Park Here? interface, the Parking Gauge, could be a worthy accessory on any dashboard. It visually gauges the legality of street parking on both sides of the block for any 12 hour period. Red, Blue and Green arcs of color unfurl and gauge the parking rules as you drive down the block or for any future time a user plans to park in town .

For a wider view of legal parking options, the added Area Gauge function shows clusters of Parking Gauges for the surrounding blocks at the time and place you input. When spaces are scarce, this can be an aid to steer your car to other blocks where legal parking will be the most likely.

For those times where no parking spaces are legal or available the app pinpoints garages and lots. A touch on the pay parking symbol shows their capacity and contact information. Now there may even be discounts available. Tom Hibbard, owner of parkken, has announced "We are reaching out to pay-parking facilities to offer free placement for any discount coupons that a garage or lot wants to offer. The coupon will pop up simultaneously with a selected Garage listing. Any coupons are intended only as a convenience for parkken users. All savings go directly to the user." Anyone wishing to know more can visit  

As more and more parking facilities take advantage of that free advertising, the parkken app looks to become the complete tool for drivers in Manhattan.

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Thomas Hibbard


SOURCE Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC