Owner of SuperHub.com Domain Puts Ultra-High Value URL into Play for First Time

CHICAGO, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The owners of the Internet domain www.superhub.com, one of the oldest Web addresses on record and long considered an ultra-high value URL, announced today that the domain is now in play. The owners are in discussions with a variety of potential buyers, including Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) that want to build joint ventures in the online gaming space occupied by DraftKings (DKNG) and Penn Central (PENN).  

“There is a significant opportunity here,” explained Tal Newhart, the FinTech entrepreneur who owns the domain. “Our focus is on selling to or co-venturing with the right partner. The primary goal is to launch SuperHub.com as a hyperhub that leads the acquisition and roll up of proven players in gaming or another suitable category such as major news or consumer sales.” Deals of this type are natural for Newhart, who wrote the book The Art of Corporate Warfare.

Newhart’s group has owned SuperHub.com for 24 years—making the URL one year older than Google.com. At one point, they were having external discussions about GameStop. However, these talks ended inconclusively. There is currently no dialogue occurring between SuperHub.com and GameStop. Recent price shifts in GameStop stock have nothing to do with its discussions with SuperHub.com, as far as Newhart’s group is aware.

Newhart may consider selling the address to an established web platform. An alternative strategy for the site might include using the domain to house a large-scale SPAC that targets a carveout from one of the larger social platforms that is now hampered with legal and brand drag. Or, the domain could be a desirable asset for a venture capital fund to acquire for one of its portfolio companies.

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