OMNIOUS.AI Registers New Social Media Trend Prediction AI Patent in the US to Accelerate Overseas Market Expansion

Alffy and OMNIOUS.AI’s influencer and runway trend analysis technology has increased its fashion retail following by 670% in 6 months

MIDDLETOWN, Del., March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OMNIOUS.AI—an award-winning, Samsung-Accelerated, hyper-personalized-visual AI solutions developer for fashion retailers—announced that it has registered a new US patent for its image recognition, technology-based social media trend prediction technology. After successfully launching in Korea, OMNIOUS.AI plans to expand its influencer-driven AI solution service to the US. "This patent is meaningful in that it has turned a key technology into IT for analyzing trends in social media quantitatively," explained Jaeyoung Jun, CEO of OMNIOUS.AI.

"These days, the influencer market and content-based commerce marketplaces are growing rapidly," he continued. "OMNIOUS.AI has the technology to evaluate how social media influencers and their corresponding content affect fashion retail conversions. The technology is set to expand beyond fashion to other related, consumer businesses in the future."

Trend AI service, Alffy, has the advantage of predicting trends in influencer posts and linking predicted information to commerce product sales. OMNIOUS.AI has secured global technology IP on its own. Together they will take the lead in responding to the growth of the global influencer market and content-type commerce market.

OMNIOUS.AI analyzes 13,000 brand products, social media influencer feeds, and runway photos through Alffy. From there OMNIOUS.AI provides content containing trend information and insights for fashion practitioners to use in product planning, design, and sales marketing. More than 1,600 companies now subscribe to the newsletter, and newsletter subscribers have grown by 670% in the past six months.

OMNIOUS.AI solutions have been developed based on AI and have been continuously growing, not only domestically, but also globally. In February and March of this year, the developer successfully launched into the North American market by hosting the National Fashion Technology Mentorship Series events for fashion brands, e-commerce, startups, and students across North America. North American fashion companies such as Lacoste and Champion participated in this event.

In the future, OMNIOUS.AI plans to form a community with industry-leading companies to share successes and failures in the field and provide continuous support so that technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and digital can be used well in the fashion industry.

OMNIOUS.AI is solidifying its position in the global market by providing a variety of AI solutions for fashion companies. OMNIOUS.AI currently provides a total of three retail services to the US market: image recognition-based Product Tagging Automation, image-based Visual Recommendations, and image-based search solution Camera Search.

Founded in Korea in 2015, OMNIOUS.AI is a leading visual AI solutions developer for established enterprises and growing e-commerce businesses alike. The company was selected as a Best Use Case in Retail AI by NVIDIA, a global hot startup by Amazon Web Services, and the grand prize winner of the 30th Korea Textile and Fashion Awards. For more information, visit OMNIOUS.AI.

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