Omneky Launches New “Creative Generation Pro” Solution

New Capability Allows Creative to be Generated at Speed and Scale

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Omneky, a San Francisco based generative AI company, today announced the launch of its Creative Generation Pro tool, allowing customers to generate thousands of variations of personalized creative content at scale. Omneky’s Creative Generation Pro generates and improves thousands of variations of creative content, trained on your brand, target audiences, product offerings and performance data.

Now more than ever, businesses have a need for personalized creative content. Enterprises with multiple target audiences, localizations, skus, product offerings and distribution channels need creative content tailored for each use case. And the creative content needs to constantly be updated based on real-time performance data and remain consistent across all customer touchpoints. Omneky’s Creative Generation Pro, powered by its large language model (LLM), provides a solution to this need by generating thousands of iterations of ad creative, while continuing to personalize the creative content over time based on real-time data. The ad creative is generated based on a custom LLM trained on customers structured and unstructured data, learning customers’ brands tone, target personas and products, while ensuring that all brand materials are consistent across all touchpoints.

“As a first mover in the generative AI space, we continue to innovate for our customers with capabilities like Creative Generation Pro to remain at the forefront of the industry,” said Hikari Senju, founder and CEO of Omneky. “Omneky’s Creative Generation Pro tool effortlessly generates creative content at scale and allows customers to customize layouts and make adjustments to designs, with new iterations visible in seconds. The tool supports optimizations, personalization and scaling requirements like multiple markets, products, multi-channels strategies, target audiences, ad creative sizes and more. This solution can personalize images and videos for many needs unique to the customer including product offerings, skus, music catalogs, games, movies, shows and more. Omneky’s AI is trained on brand, persona, product and performance data to quickly generate creative content at 10x scale that is brand safe and drives more sales.”

This new launch follows Omneky’s recent announcements of the Product Generation Pro feature, Creative Assistant tool, and its Brand LLM capability. Omneky’s commitment to creating leading generative AI-based solutions, illustrates the company’s leadership and innovation in the space. Earlier this year, Omneky also announced a series of new hires across all business units as part of the company’s continued growth to more than 50 employees worldwide. In November 2022, Omneky announced a total seed round funding of $10+ million.

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About Omneky

Omneky is a San Francisco based AI company that generates personalized content at scale. As a proven leader and innovator in the Generative AI space, Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to generate and optimize content across all digital touchpoints. Omneky’s AI analyzes what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and uses these insights to generate content most likely to drive engagement. Founded by technology entrepreneur, Hikari Senju, Omneky’s mission is to empower human creativity and democratize growth with AI. With the help of Omneky’s AI software and content management system, Omneky’s customers see an average 2.7x return on ad spend. To learn more, visit or follow us on social media @omneky.

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