Ocusell Announces “MLS Business Rules Audit” Special

Offers program to help streamline tech innovation for a limited-time, flat fee of $15,000

CINCINNATI, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Real estate technology, which enables the nation’s nearly 600 Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) that facilitate more than $2 trillion in annual residential real estate transactions, is being stymied by the lack of documentation on MLS data schema (language that defines database structure) and business rules.

Ocusell, creators of a new platform that’s modernizing the listing process for MLSs and real estate professionals with a single interface, announced today a special, limited-time fee of $15,000 for its MLS Business Rules Audit services. Ocusell is making the offer available to the next eight MLSs who engage its firm. 

MLS business rules are the foundational instructions essential for new software integration designed to streamline and improve real estate transactions for agents and consumers.

However, according to Hayden Rieveschl, Ocusell co-founder and CEO, “MLS business rules are often inaccurate, outdated, in conflict with National Association of Realtor policies and regulations, and even go against the MLSs’ own policies.”

“With industry leading brokers wanting the ability to manage listings across multiple MLSs with the platforms of their choice, It is a key responsibility of every MLSs to make sure the business rules it has in place are efficient and available for those listing management platforms and do not hinder its ability to serve its broker members,” said MLS industry leader Jeremy Crawford, President and CEO at First Multiple Listing Service in Georgia, one of the largest MLSs in the US.

Industry experts note that MLSs are at risk from improper business rules every time the MLS undergoes a transition. Rieveschl points out that transitions are not always obvious.

“When an MLS switches system vendors or adopts an industry initiative such as ‘system of choice,’ auditing its business rules is paramount,” Rieveschl said.

“The vendor the MLS is leaving is unlikely to go out of its way to ensure every business rule is checked. But more importantly, MLSs need to realize that every update to an MLS system or change in key personnel is a system transition. A business rules audit ensures MLS has the right rules in place.”

Rieveschl explained that most MLSs and Associations who run MLSs have limited resources devoted to documenting maintenance of new technologies, processes, and the associated business rules impacted when boards decide to make rule changes or NAR changes its MLS policies.

Ocusell audit services include clearly mapping existing MLS business rules and the gaps in current business rules versus the MLSs actual operating processes and relevant NAR requirements.

“MLSs that understand the importance of business rules can benefit their members by eliminating barriers to innovation, reduce their integration expenses, and speed up the deployment of new technology,” Rieveschl said. “This moves us all towards the Real Estate Standards Organizations’ (RESO) overarching goal of a streamlined real estate technology industry,” he added.

MLSs can obtain more information about Ocusell’s MLS Business Rules Audit offering at https://ocusell.com/mls to schedule a demo or via its contact page.

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