Octavo Systems Announces Texas Instruments AM62x-Based System-in-Package

NUREMBERG, Germany, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Expanding on its history of delivering highly integrated System-in-Package (SiP) devices, Octavo Systems announced its OSD62x family of SiPs that help expand the performance of edge and small form factor embedded processing into next generation applications. The OSD62x family is based on the Texas Instruments (TI) AM623 and AM625 processors. The OSD62x enables small-size human-machine interface (HMI) applications for building automation, industrial control, IoT gateways, artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge, as well as many other low-power systems demanding high performance Linux processing. Delivering the smallest AM62x module form factor, the OSD62x SiP family integrates high-speed memory, power management, passive components, and much more into a single BGA package.

“The OSD62x is a powerful example of our commitment to deliver ‘Innovation through Integration.’ We are excited to offer our customers a TI AM62x-based solution that reduces solution sizes by 60% and enables designs to get to market up to 9 months faster,” said Harley Walsh, President at Octavo Systems.  

The OSD62x Family

To meet the diverse needs and provide flexibility to designers developing system solutions for next generation applications, the OSD62x SiP family will be offered in two package options.

The first Maximized Integration (-MI) option, provides everything needed for an AM62x-based system in a 22mm x 22mm, 1mm ball pitch BGA. The MI option includes:

  • TI AM62x processor – up to 1.4GHz Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 with 400MHz Cortex-M4F
  • LPDDR4 High Speed Memory
  • Power Management Solution
  • Oscillator
  • Passive Components
  • Optional System Integration, such as a small programmable logic device (FPGA/CPLD), Real-Time Clock (RTC), Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), and more

The second Size Optimized (-SO) package provides customers the smallest AM62x-based module form factor.  In only a 14mm x 9mm, 0.5mm ball pitch BGA, the SO option integrates:

  • TI AM62x processor – up to 1.4GHz Quad Cortex-A53 with 400MHz Cortex-M4F
  • LPDDR4 High Speed Memory
  • Passives Components

The combination of integration and size optimization provides a best-in-class system solution for designs with AM623 and AM625 processors.

“Size constrained customers engaging with Octavo Systems need the smallest form factor module possible to enable their next generation designs, while others need the ease-of-use, low-cost PCB design rules, and supply chain management that a highly integrated AM62x-based System-in-Package enables.  Providing the -MI and -SO options gives customers the flexibility to select the best solution for their application,” adds Greg Sheridan Vice President Strategy and Marketing at Octavo Systems.


Octavo Systems is currently in development of the OSD62x with samples scheduled to be available by the end of 2023. Customers interested to join the OSD62x System-in-Package beta program should contact their local Octavo Systems representative for more information.

About Octavo Systems:     

Octavo Systems is a System-in-Package Solution provider. Octavo Systems promotes Innovation through Integration by providing highly integrated system building blocks that remove complex and tedious tasks from the electronics design process, eliminating barriers for system designers of all sizes who want the benefits of miniaturization, integration, and simplified supply chains.

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