NoiseAware Introduces AutoResolve To Solve Vacation-Rental Noise Problems Automatically Any Time Of Day Or Night

DALLAS, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NoiseAware™, the global leader in privacy-safe noise monitoring, has launched AutoResolve, the vacation-rental industry’s most effective guest-messaging platform for noise mitigation.

The architect of noise-measurement technology for short-term rentals, NoiseAware developed AutoResolve to address one of the industry’s biggest property-management challenges: late-night noise. The service detects noise problems during the guest stay and resolves them remotely, through direct guest communication.

"Our mission is to help protect the freedom to rent and the freedom to roam by solving the unknown of what happens during the guest’s stay," said NoiseAware chief operating officer Peter Taylor. "We identify and resolve in-stay noise events, saving work and labor costs for property managers."

Prior to the release of AutoResolve, property managers had to monitor notifications and intervene with guests when a noise event occurred. With this pioneering new technology, a gentle but firm message is sent automatically to the guest when a late-night noise event is detected by the NoiseAware algorithm, reminding them to turn down the volume. If NoiseAware detects continued noise, the guest receives a second, more urgent, message.

AutoResolve solves a full 90% percent of noise problems without management intervention or labor cost. In the rare case that guests don’t reduce their noise, AutoResolve reports the issue to the host or property manager so they can take action.

"Our NightAgent™ service has been the trusted nightly guardian for our customers for over two million reservations, and we now have enough data to make late-night noise resolution more automated and available to all PMs in the industry," said Andrew Schulz, CEO of NoiseAware. "With AutoResolve’s 30-minutes-or-less resolution rate of 90%, we’re moving closer to the day that party-house headlines and unfair regulation are no longer a burden on the industry."

AutoResolve launches on Oct. 4 and will be available to all short-term-rental property managers and owners. To learn more about AutoResolve, and NoiseAware services, features and customer experience, visit

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NoiseAware helps keep neighbors happy and property owners profitable by solving the number one cause of rental property damage – noise. The privacy-safe smart noise monitoring solution saves short-term rental property managers and hotel operators time and money, allowing them to maximize guest revenue and minimize hassle and expense. The company has protected more than one million stays and has helped short-term rental homeowners and managers save $105 million in lost rental revenue due to noise disturbances. NoiseAware helps create responsible guests, good neighbors, and community harmony. To learn more visit

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