New Weekly Broadcast Will Help Viewers Reach the Heights of Personal Success During Chaotic Times

SEATTLE, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daphne Michaels — a leading human potential expert — is proud to announce the Aug. 22 launch of her Let’s Meet on a Higher Bandwidth broadcast series consisting of ten-minute episodes that will air at 6 p.m. Pacific on Mondays and can also be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

The debut Aug. 22 episode, titled Are You Really Empowered?, will explore what personal power really means and how to achieve this powerful state of being — whether during challenging times or when things are going well.

The Aug. 29 episode explores 3 Questions to Guide Your Personal Evolution, offering a practical, to-the-point approach for anyone just beginning their human potential journey — and a reminder for seasoned masters who are forever at risk of getting stuck along the way.

Let’s Meet on a Higher Bandwidth plans to help its audience discover human potential tools they can use to thrive in life despite whatever chaos may be going on around them. Michaels calls the natural space in which one’s intentions and energy work in harmony a "higher bandwidth." She says it is a place that can be achieved through "elevated consciousness."

Broadcast links can be accessed at where several free resources can also be accessed, among them 4 Secrets to Setting Unstoppable Intentions, a downloadable eBook.

About the Host

Daphne Michaels has spent more than 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest potential through her life-altering energetic work. She has dedicated her life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science. She spent decades working as a licensed psychotherapist and continues to work as a "life-guru" and executive consultant and has facilitated over 20,000 private client transformations as well as conducted over 1,800 group trainings and created over 700 original training materials.

She is the author of The Gifted: Free Your Inner Gifts for a Brand-New Life, available now in a 3rd edition. She has also designed many multi-session transformational programs, including The Profound Leader Breakthrough Program. She runs Daphne Michaels International, a company dedicated to developing human potential. Michaels has an M.A. in applied behavioral sciences and advanced training in integral psychology.

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