New Social Media Platform, REPITSOCIAL, Puts Mental Wellness First Giving Users the Power to Customize Their Social Experience

 COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — REPITSOCIAL, LLC today announced that the company will launch its long-awaited, brand new social media network of the same name, REPITSOCIAL, on Tuesday, March 1st.  Residents in the Washington DC Metropolitan area (DMV) will now be able to access the benefits of being part of a social network that’s giving the power back to its users by allowing them to customize their own social media experiences, choosing what they want to see, based on their unique individuality, community, and culture.

Says Creator D’Oyen Fraser, "We are showing people a new way to personalize their social media experience for positivity and self-growth by representing all that matters to them."  For so long social media has been about other people – waiting for others’ likes on each post, algorithms bombarding you with unwanted opinions of others, and your popularity and social worth reduced to your number of followers. It’s no wonder, research shows the vast majority of people now consider social media to be stressful, self-depleting, and toxic. But as Einstein famously quoted, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

So, REPITSOCIAL is giving users another choice, complete with the tools to customize and organize their social feeds.  Through its proprietary, multi-feed flag functionality, REPITSOCIAL gives people the opportunity to create flags (feeds) that represent not only their country and culture but the many facets of themselves that make up the fullness of their lives.  

"RepItSocial is a journey of self-exploration and self-expression through which you can authentically connect with like-minded people by just BEING YOU," says CEO Azalaya Fraser. After all the focus groups and interviewing thousands about their motivations for posting or lack thereof, we discovered a real need to separate users’ feeds. Allowing them to share posts that mattered to them, with the corresponding groups of friends or communities who shared the same interest created more opportunities for positive sharing experiences.  "This is why we created REPITSOCIAL," says Creator, D’Oyen Fraser. Giving people a platform where they can customize their social feeds helps change their motivation for posting from needing to impress others, to a genuine desire to openly share who they truly are and what they truly love.

The difference between RepItSocial and other platforms is not only customization but intention. REPITSOCIAL asks users to post from a different perspective – What makes me think? What makes me curious? What makes me feel inspired? What brings humor to my life? What makes me consider others? What makes me happy?

Social media in itself isn’t bad, it’s all about how you use it. REPITSOCIAL fills the need for customization and segmentation, all while still providing the perfect mix of entertainment and fun. It’s social media with a higher purpose.

At RepItSocial, LLC the Diversity starts at the top and there is a sincere appreciation and understanding for multiple cultures, colors, and lifestyles, which translates through every feed and functionality on the app.

With that diversity in mind, we feel the Washington DC Metropolitan area (DMV) is the perfect place to kick off our launch. It’s not only our hometown and the capital of the US, but it’s also the perfect representation of all we aspire for our social platform to be – a melting pot of all cultures, each adding their colorful threads to the beautiful tapestry that is America today.

On RepItSocial…We don’t say it. We REP IT!

RepItSocial is now available for download on AppStore and Google Play Store
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