New Payments and Fraud Data Highlights Shifting eCommerce Markets

The latest edition of the annual Payments and Fraud Report provides insight into the surprising ways merchants navigated the shifting eCommerce landscape over the last year.

SEATTLE, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The most recent edition of the Global Payments and Fraud Report, produced by the Merchant Risk Council, Cybersource, and Verifi, is available now. The data contained in the report provides valuable insight into how merchants are reacting to rapidly evolving industry developments in payments and fraud prevention.

"The MRC and our partners have been producing this report for almost two decades, and every year I’m fascinated by the results," said Julie Fergerson, CEO of the Merchant Risk Council. "This the first year we’ve combined the payments and fraud insights into a single report, so it now provides an even clearer picture of the significant changes in global eCommerce over the last year."

The free report collates the results of 1,060 surveyed eCommerce merchants from all over the world and synthesizes the data into an informative set of performance benchmarks merchants can use to optimize payments management and fraud prevention practices.

The annual report provides metrics on a variety of topics, including global fraud prevention and payment KPIs, the continued impacts of the pandemic on fraud and payment acceptance rates, alternative payment method adoption, and much more.

"I was especially surprised by the changes in fraud attack vectors," said Julie. "The fact that phishing, card testing, identity theft, and first-party misuse are now the biggest threats facing merchants is an important indicator as to where merchants should be allocating their fraud mitigation resources. This report is a must have for anyone looking to develop a well-informed fraud prevention or payments strategy."

The 2022 Payments and Fraud Survey is available for free now.

For additional analysis, the MRC is offering a complimentary Global Webinar Series analyzing each market’s unique stats and metrics, with individual webinars dedicated to the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Latin America regions.

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