Netrepid and Gibraltar Combine Forces to Create Elevated

HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ELEVATED MSP, LLC is pleased to announce completion of the acquisition of the assets of award-winning Gibraltar IT LLC.  In July 2021, ELEVATED acquired the assets of Netrepid (Annagen LLC).

"The story of ELEVATED is one of vision, perseverance through difficulties, providence and now boundless opportunity," explains CEO Tom Hogue. "ELEVATED will take the services previously provided by Gibraltar and Netrepid to the next level, with seamless coordination and the efficiencies of full spectrum IT services."

The story began in 2006 when Tom Hogue founded Gibraltar. The model was simple, a truly proactive support system utilizing best practices reviews and dedicated centralized services.  Tom’s dream grew into a business with 3 locations, 30 employees, and customers in 15 states. Over the years, however, it became apparent that reliable hosting services were also needed by his IT clients.

Although Netrepid began primarily as a wireless networking and tower construction company, in 2009, Netrepid acquired Pennsylvania Online with an established data center, call center, and support teams. Between 2009 and 2018, Netrepid transitioned into a primarily hosting and IT service company.

In 2018, Tom Hogue reached out to Netrepid to develop a contractual relationship to secure integrated hosting and IT services for Gibraltar clients.  Unfortunately, while Netrepid’s services were exemplary, Netrepid had undisclosed financial issues and entered bankruptcy.  Providentially, the Trustee and creditors selected Tom Hogue to manage the Netrepid business, to ensure continued services to customers during the bankruptcy proceedings pending sale of the Netrepid assets.  Tom managed Netrepid and then bought the assets of Netrepid out of bankruptcy on July 1, 2021.

With the combined assets of Netrepid and Gibraltar, ELEVATED is in a unique position to provide a truly proactive full spectrum IT support services, vertically and horizontally integrated, using best practices reviews to ensure quality of service.

However, ELEVATED is not just about assets. It is about people of vision, competence, and integrity ready to combine efforts to provide seamless reliable IT services and the Peace of Mind businesses need in this electronic age.  Former Gibraltar and Netrepid team members were hired by ELEVATED to maintain continuity of current services and ensure seamless coordination for expanded services.

As Joseph Timko (Operations Manager/vCIO) explains: "ELEVATED’s core values are excellence, passion, integrity, commitment, and family, making us an EPIC Family that truly cares about each other and our customers."

ELEVATED looks forward to taking its services and your business to the next level of IT excellence.

Media Contact:
Thomas Hogue