Mytaverse Soars to New Dimensions with Business Aviation Conference

MIAMI, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Miami-based startup, Mytaverse (formerly Gathr), in conjunction with Asian Sky Group (ASG) is pleased to announce its three-dimensional fully-immersive exhibition and conference for business aviation.

To be held between September 14-16, 2021, the hybrid-reality conference known as Asian Sky Group Virtual Exhibition & Conference (ASGVEC) can be attended with a complimentary registration by anyone from anywhere in the world. 

The exhibit hall and attendee booths, accessible throughout the conference, are familiar to OEMs, operators, owners, and vendors, with the show floor organized for easy access and browsing, and booths available for private conversations.

"Mytaverse and ASG have jointly created a digital showroom with photo-realistic 3D virtual aircraft models accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The detail-rich and three-dimensional immersive event is a fine example of how the hybrid work space will evolve in a post-COVID world," said Jaime Lopez, CTO, and Co-founder, Mytaverse.

Good news for the event’s organizers is that just shy of 50 exhibitors, including NetJets and Sino Jet, have confirmed participation along with nearly 100 speakers set to present over the course of the three days.  Moving seamlessly around the venue will be hundreds of attendees embodying Mytaverse avatars.  With the opportunity to pop into any of the many vendor’s booths, hands will always remain free as interesting brochures and other materials can be stored in a digital briefcase–one click and the document is yours. 

"Especially exciting is the participation of Dassault Aviation for whom we are creating their "Falcon World" virtual showroom complete with an 8X and 6X on static display available for showings. We kind of look at this opportunity as a perfect example of how companies like Dassault are creatively using technology to differentiate from their competition by interacting with customers in new ways," added Kennth Landau, CEO and Co-founder of Mytaverse.

In a hurry to get to a meeting or hear one of the interesting talks, just use Mytaverse’s unique offering of "teleporting" between meeting rooms, the showroom or vendor’s booths.

The Mytaverse team looks at the ASGVEC as the perfect kind of event where the commitment to evolving the concept of the metaverse and hybrid work can really be demonstrated. The Mytaverse strives to take any real-world problem and then to solve it with the limitless bounty of hybrid reality (Video here).

Jeffrey C. Lowe, CEO, ASG & Asian Sky Media, noted, "We believe the Mytaverse Experience provides a secure and easy option for more people to attend conferences and trade shows and will enhance the opportunities for all industry participants even after COVID restrictions are lifted."

Let’s hope Mr. Lowe is right about that–see you at the ASGVEC. 

Founded in 2020 and based in Miami FL, GathR Virtual Studios, Inc. created Mytaverse to meet demand for hybrid and augmented reality meetings and workspaces. As a fully immersive platform using Epic Games Unreal Engine, Mytaverse offers shared and dynamic experiences for business, job simulations, education and more. Thanks to a hardware-agnostic approach, Mytaverse enables users from anywhere to enter using only their browser on their PC or Mac. Coming soon will be the mobile version which will enable Mytaverse anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Asian Sky Group is a business aviation transaction and consultancy company based in Hong Kong. Its wholly owned subsidiary Asian Sky Media publishes industry leading reports on the business jet, helicopter, and charter fleets, aviation infrastructure, and training schools across the region. It has been recognized by AsBAA as the Best Media Company in Asia-Pacific four years in a row.

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Brian Kean

SOURCE GathR Virtual Studios Inc