MyMiniFactory’s Journey to Cloud Infrastructure Scalability and Reliability: Powered by OpenMetal

OpenMetal, a leading provider of Open Source Private Cloud IaaS is thrilled to announce a remarkable success story in partnership with MyMiniFactory, a renowned online platform for 3D printing enthusiasts and creators.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MyMiniFactory, a trusted global community for 3D printing enthusiasts, artists, and designers, faced unique challenges in managing their vast library of 3D printable models and ensuring a seamless user experience for their members. To address these challenges, MyMiniFactory partnered with OpenMetal to leverage their expertise in cloud technologies and implement a comprehensive long-term scalable solution.

The primary solution that OpenMetal implemented for MyMiniFactory is a hosted Enterprise Storage Cluster deployed in its US East Coast data center with a Standard Cloud Core connected to 3 large storage nodes with 12×12 TB drives, yielding a raw storage capacity of approximately 0.5 PB. Within less than a year this storage cluster has grown from supporting 0.5PB to 1.9PB of data on 9 of OpenMetal’s  XLv2 Storage Nodes with 12x 18TB drive and Erasure Coding 7/2 for efficiency.

Through its strategic partnership with OpenMetal, MyMiniFactory has enhanced its operations and infrastructure, bolstering security by isolating production servers for increased protection. This collaboration has also boosted agility, scalability, and cost efficiency, thanks to OpenMetal’s innovative bandwidth pricing model, significantly improving their ROI.

“…in relation to profitability we are pleasantly surprised with the monthly ongoing costs of using their infrastructure. They have been very agile and flexible in accommodating our rapid growth and aligning the contract with our planned growth.”
Matt Weston (CFO) @ MyMiniFactory 

The partnership with OpenMetal has not only provided reliable, uninterrupted service but also strengthened MyMiniFactory’s competitive edge and demonstrated its commitment to excellence in the market. Predictable monthly spending enables technology budget redirection for team expansion, fueling growth. OpenMetal’s exceptional support swiftly resolves technical issues, aiding MyMiniFactory’s ongoing success.

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