More Than Likes: Non-Profit Run by Teens to Help Address Teens’ Unhealthy Relationship With Social Media

NORTH HAVEN, Conn., June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More Than Likes Inc. ( is a non-profit organization focused on curbing teens’ unhealthy reliance on social media. The focus of More Than Likes is to show teens that they are more than "likes" on social media, through impactful acts of community service (from breast cancer awareness/fundraising, toy drives, and anti-bullying campaigns.) 

Alex Ranciato, the founder of More Than Likes, believes that "healthy self-esteem and being aware of one’s value to family, friends and community does not come from a computer screen." The organization is determined to make a difference in the lives of teens. Alex commented. "Addiction to social media has proven to be as destructive as any other vice (especially to teens)."

Finishing his junior year at North Haven High School, Alex is a high achieving student who experienced bullying and cyberbullying while at a private school in New Haven, Connecticut. The mishandling of Alex’s bullying complaint inspired him to do something to educate his peers about the negative effects of bullying. He aims to show teenagers that they are more than just a "like" and that engaging in one’s community by helping others is far more rewarding than being glued to electronic devices. 

The More Than Likes board is composed of other teenagers who engage in meaningful community service projects. These individuals include: Mya Xeller, Jonathan Chin, Lucas DeLencastre, Lucas (Luke) Celentano, and Peter Harkins

Xeller is currently Connecticut Royal International Miss Teen. She is a role model in her community and uses her platform to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. Chin is a High Honors student and the Class of ’23 Vice President at North Haven High School. DeLencastre is a High Honors student, as well as a triathlete. Celentano is an Honors student actively engaged in student government who was recently selected to be a member of Democracy Summer with Congresswoman Rosa Delauro. Harkins is President of the North Haven High School Class of ’23 and is on the Varsity Track and Fencing teams.

Alex’s father, John Ranciato, remarked, "I am very proud of Alex and his board of directors. Cyber-bullying has become much more prevalent since the Covid Pandemic, likely as a result of teenagers being isolated and tethered to their devices. My son was targeted partly as a result of his support for law enforcement and for what his peers deemed to be conservative viewpoints. Teenagers today need to know how to converse with one another and respect different viewpoints without resorting to bullying behavior." 

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