MojoHire Announces General Availability of Its Intelligent Talent Discovery System

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MojoHire, the AI-driven HR technology innovator based in Silicon Valley, announced today that its intelligent talent discovery system has moved to the general availability stage after successful beta testing with leading companies in the healthcare and technology verticals.

The general availability of MojoHire comes at a critical time for talent acquisition teams and human resource leaders. Amidst a talent revolution that is causing large swaths of workers to change companies or leave the salaried ranks altogether in favor of an independent status, recruiters are handicapped by their technology stacks. The average company has nine core talent applications, totaling approximately $5M of annual technology investment. The problem is that these applications are rarely integrated and often offer a burdensome user experience, driving recruiters to spend inordinate amounts of time on more user-friendly platforms like LinkedIn, manually searching for candidates.

"We’ve spent the past two years deploying and validating our technology with trusted customers, and we are excited about making this solution available to a broader base of talent acquisition teams this year," said Spencer Liu, head of product at MojoHire.

MojoHire is interoperable with any number of technology applications and sits atop the HR tech stack, offering talent acquisition (TA) teams a unified view of people across systems to help them easily discover talent – both internal and external, build great teams and generate more value from prior technology investments.

The time-consuming, non-scalable and frustrating experience of manual search has been solved with MojoHire’s powerful AI technology, which immediately accesses, discovers, and delivers the right people for the right job, to build teams twice as fast.

"Simply put, MojoHire makes companies’ HR tech stacks work better and faster," said Renée La Londe, founder of MojoHire. "And its value doesn’t stop at intelligent talent discovery – the system is also a valuable tool for career pathing and internal mobility, increasing hiring velocity, supporting diversity goals, and enhancing an organization’s talent intelligence."

MojoHire instantly connects people to jobs and jobs to people in an easy-to-use, consumer-like experience that talent teams, hiring managers, and candidates crave.

For recruiting teams:  No more toggling between multiple, clunky systems to discover talent. With MojoHire, recruiters are immediately given a simplified view of all talent – both internal and external – within one ergonomic interface.

For hiring managers: Hiring managers enjoy an easy-to-use, single access point where they can view talent and easily move them along in the hiring process.

For candidates:  The candidate experience is dramatically improved with MojoHire. Candidates no longer need to search for open positions. Once they upload a resume, MojoHire will automatically connect them to the most relevant jobs.

About MojoHire

MojoHire is the talent discovery system for organizations that want to build great teams. MojoHire’s technology unlocks access to people who otherwise would never be discovered, while giving hiring teams a more holistic view of a person’s professional journey, experience and skills. The platform easily integrates with any HR tech system, immediately discovering people and matching them to jobs and jobs to them. Hiring teams are given instant access to talent that otherwise would not have been found in existing and often outdated HR systems. Teams are then presented with a more accurate view of a person’s holistic career journey, helping to make fairer and more informed hiring decisions. As a result, MojoHire customers report the ability to uncover a more diverse talent pool, faster sourcing and recruiting times, and a more modern, digital experience for talent teams and hiring managers. To learn more, visit  

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