Metaverse Leader DigitalTwinXR and The Zager Group Unveil the First Ever Production Ready, Fully Scalable and Monetized Business for Metaverse

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley based leading Metaverse firm DigitalTwinXR and Nevada based The Zager Group successfully launch the first ever live interactive and immersive real estate rendering platform in metaverse that is production ready, and scalable with definite monetization opportunities.

Industry analysts and other companies are reacting to the recent announcement by Mark Zuckerberg at Meta about metaverse and potential applications, as a new emerging paradigm with no immediate visibility as a commercial proposition. DigitalTwinXR, founded in 2017, is an early innovator of Metaverse technology, taking an impressive early lead in positioning itself in the Metaverse as the first to launch a technology in production, ready to scale and monetize for the entire digital ecosystem.

DigitalTwinXR’s gamified augmented reality platform provides an immersive 3D experience of any asset including homes, landmarks, cities, rivers and streets. In addition, we enable super realistic virtual 3D experiences with interactive capabilities in Metaverse. The idea is to take information about any object and enable users to make personalized choices about interacting with or experiencing a location or event.

"DigitalTwinXR and The Zager Group share a progressive vision and commitment to deliver the most compelling interactive viewing experience with real estate. All this from the comfort of a location of your choice on any mobile device," said Kris Narayan, CEO and Chairman of DigitalTwinXR. "Imagine being able to walk around the house, move furniture, place paintings, add rooms or a deck, jump in the pool, strategize landscaping and essentially customize everything in the house even before setting foot in it…. all of this in the Metaverse."

Craig Zager, CEO of the Zager Group adds, "We are thrilled to work with DigitalTwinXR and together we empower clients to visualize and interactively experience their real estate in the Metaverse. This platform will provide sellers the biggest and best audience while giving an opportunity for buyers to fall in love with the property and begin to realize potential even before buying it." Founded in 1989, The Zager Group specializes in luxury homes worldwide and Craig Zager brings extensive real estate expertise and sales success to product development.

Imagine operating the hottest casino, owning your Metaverse landmark and exploring wonders of the world, designing your magnificent Metaverse event space and exploring endless possible applications for this pioneering technology. We are the Metaverse architects of this new world and you will soon hear from us more about this evolving new world, including monetization opportunities.

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