Mei Adding Generative AI to Messaging Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will draft text messages based on your conversation and style

NEW YORK, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mei App Inc announced its messenger apps will soon include generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help users instantly compose personalized text messages. 

The company’s apps — Mei and Messages Improved — are downloadable from the Google Play Store as the SMS (texting) app on Android devices. As an alternative to the default texting app preinstalled on every phone, these messengers have an optional AI assistant that can give users personalized conversation insights. In an upcoming release, the assistant will gain the ability to use these insights to compose a message draft that’s relevant to the conversation topic and tone, while preserving the user’s intent, personality and unique messaging style.

“For years, users looked to our AI to help them better communicate, but we’ve had to wait for generative AI to advance and be accessible enough to compose the actual texts. Using the latest language AI and chatbot technologies, we can now give users all the personalized communication help they want to deepen their connections, from the comfort of their messenger app,” says founder Es Lee, adding “creating AI that’s truly helpful to everyone is no easy task, so we welcome partners who want to get involved.”

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