Maurice W. Evans Certified by Facebook to Help Assist Brands to Thrive During COVID, Creates Community Rockstars Group

Maurice W. Evans, becomes a Meta Certified Community Manager, creates free Facebook Group, Community Rockstars, to help brands develop engaging communities.

WICHITA, Kan., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Maurice W. Evans has earned the Meta Certified Community Manager credential, and along with global experts, is helping brands thrive in the midst of economic downturn. They are creating a Facebook Group to encourage and empower brands looking to increase engagement with their brand’s target audience via online communities.

Our present COVID-19 economy requires every possible secret, tactic, and advantage to be used to grow a brand, engage with a tribe, gain new customers, and increase profits. Most of the time, this requires the help of an expert.

During the height of the pandemic, many brands discovered the power of creating communities to engage their current and future customer base. Today, businesses of every size have come to realize the importance of managing their own community.

Facebook’s (now called Meta Platforms) mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People are increasingly using Meta to stay connected with local and global communities through common interests and expressing what matters most to them.

A Community using Meta Platforms can be the ideal solution for a brand to have a better connection to its tribe. There are millions of Meta communities that help people connect, giving members a feeling of belonging and access to a network of peers with shared interests.

Overseeing and running such a community is called community management, and is done by a community manager. Community building is at the heart of Meta’s mission, and it’s a community manager’s key task. Community managers are professional community builders who are in charge of building, growing, and maintaining a community.

Community managers are proficient at utilizing one or more of Meta Platforms’ properties (like Facebook Groups, Messenger, and Instagram) to build community in different ways. They determine a community strategy to build, scale and sustain meaningful communities, and put it into practice.

The Meta Certified Community Manager exam measures the advanced comprehension and strategic application of best practices and standards for online community management. The MCCM certification was created by META to recognize licensing professionals who are committed to professional development and the attainment of the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs at the highest level of quality.

The MCCM designation acknowledges and is awarded to candidates who demonstrate a foundational proficiency in community-building strategies, and knowledge of the skills and tools needed to lead, moderate, and engage an online community to differentiate marketing professionals who have taken the steps necessary to become certified.

America’s Favorite Business Coach™, Maurice W. Evans, has earned the Meta Certified Community Manager (MCCM) credential. He joins an international community of professionals who have demonstrated they are dedicated to higher standards of practice in digital and online community building. 

The MCCM credential is also an avenue for brands recognize and hire qualified marketing professionals. To become an MCCM certificant, Mr. Evans met Meta’s rigorous requirements in multiple areas. In addition to passing the MCCM examination, he brings several other certifications and over 30 years of business development, consulting, and coaching experience to the industry.

According to Maurice, also certified as a Jay Conrad Levinson Guerrilla Marketing Specialist, community building can be done by any business, large or small. No big budgets are needed – just time, energy, and imagination. 

Mr. Evans joins various worldwide experts in community management to create a new public Facebook Group. The group has a mission to help inspire, educate, empower and equip brands interested in using Meta Platforms to grow a thriving community.

The group shares best practices and answers questions about using Meta Platforms to create, manage, and grow a community online. It also provides direct access to contractors that will help brands succeed.

"I’m excited to create this free, new, public Facebook Group," said Evans, "along with global experts to reveal the secrets a brand needs to create and manage irresistibly magnetic, engaging, and profitable communities." 

The new group. called Community Rockstars, is free to the public. It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to visit the group. Anyone may participate in, or join, the Community Rockstars Facebook Group here.

Mr. Evans’ MCCM Certification can be verified via Credly here.

About Community Rockstars

Community Rockstars is a group revealing the secrets to creating and managing irresistibly magnetic, engaging, and profitable communities.

Meta Certified Community Managers and other experts share best practices and answer questions about using Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger to manage communities successfully.

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