Match My Email Introduces the Email Sync Assistant

With the Email Sync Assistant, Salesforce users can quickly create new leads or contacts from email addresses not yet in Salesforce.

NEW YORK, April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ Saving Salesforce users time has always been Match My Email’s core goal. Using technology, Match My Email takes the responsibility of manually logging emails off of a Salesforce users’ shoulders. However, if a lead was not yet in Salesforce, users had to do a lot of manual work to create them. Until now…

To help users easily turn their emails into new Salesforce records, we are excited to introduce the Email Sync Assistant by Match My Email. 

Recommended list of leads on the Home tab. The Email Sync Assistant is a Lightning Web Component intended for the Salesforce Home page. In that prominent location, users are able to see individuals they have communicated with that are not matching up to a record in Salesforce. With two clicks, a User can create a new Lead or Contact in Salesforce to ensure their database is up to date.

Instantly create new leads or contacts for email addresses with auto-populated fields. The speed of data entry is possible because the Email Sync Assistant initially presents a compressed form in which fields such as first name, last name, and email address are auto-populated. Users can expand the form if they wish to fill out more of the fields required on the Lead or Contact page layout. They can also use information in the email message, such as an email signature, to populate field data.

Easily ignore or dismiss the email addresses that should not be in Salesforce. Individuals that don’t need to be added into Salesforce can be added to the User’s personal Ignore list in Match My Email or dismissed until a later decision can be made. This allows users to easily and quickly manage spam or unnecessary individuals and ensure they have the data they want in Salesforce.

The Email Sync Assistant is now available for all Match My Email customers. Follow our Email Sync Assistant Upgrade guide here to get set up on your own or reach out to support at
for help with configuration. If you are not yet a customer,  schedule a demo today to see how Match My Email can help your organization.

About Match My Email. Match My Email automatically syncs email and calendar into Salesforce without clicking a button. If you need permanent data in Salesforce and email reporting, our Salesforce email integration is the Einstein Activity Capture alternative. Our company is employee-owned, and our team treats every client as a top priority, from sales to support.

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