MARCHé Leverages AI Solutions to Grow Amazon Sales

MONTREAL, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon seller accounts can now achieve growth with the help of AI technologies by using a new tool called MARCHé at

Selling on Amazon requires the knowledge to manage many tasks, such as advertising with PPC ads, creating compelling listings, managing user comments and more. For a SMB (Small Medium Business), it is difficult to have a dedicated resource that will be able to successfully handle all of these complex tasks. For this reason, they often hire a freelancer or an agency to manage their Amazon seller’s account.

To achieve great results, agencies have started partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions providers to offer a full-service AI that simplifies selling on Amazon. MARCHé is dedicated to this space and they take pride by offering a personalized service that will meet the particular needs of their clients.

Developers around the world have created software solutions that use artificial intelligence to automate and properly do some of the tasks that the seller would perform. In most cases, it becomes difficult to know which AI solution to use, and especially to learn how to properly utilize them to gain the most efficiency out of the client’s investment. Marché has designed a transparent process that takes advantage of these AI solutions to offer a high-performance, inexpensive and efficient turnkey service to their clients.

With the help of AI solutions, the clients do not worry about their PPC advertising campaigns anymore. The software analyses the keywords used and adjusts its predictive models to maximize the conversion rate. Inventory management is done quickly as the software can predict how many units are needed to meet the client’s demand. Establishing a pricing strategy also becomes much easier through the use of proven machine learning (ML) elasticity and price optimization models. Plus, everything is done in the backend, 24/7. This means that the seller account is monitored and optimized on an ongoing basis. No human resource can achieve as many tasks in such a short amount of time. The results are tangible: with the help of artificial intelligence, the clients can see their profits increase and save valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

"For every task needed to manage your Amazon account, there are AI solutions to help maximize your efficiency. They will reduce your costs while helping your business grow. The opportunity is huge for those who can learn how to use them properly," said Jean-Philippe Paquette, the President of MARCHé.

MARCHé has been helping businesses stand out from their competition using the best available technologies to optimize Amazon seller accounts.

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