Maintaining Privacy: Over 1/3 of Indian Social Media Users Block Family Survey Reveals

MUMBAI, India, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent survey conducted by Casinos.Win reveals that 36% of Indian social media users have blocked at least one family member on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Nearly half of these individuals (49%) did so to maintain privacy in their personal lives.

Casinos.Win surveyed 1,250 social media users in India to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals navigate interpersonal relationships online. Besides privacy, other reasons for blocking family members included concealing dating activities (16%), averting potential religious conflict (9%), distancing from relatives’ online actions seen as embarrassing (8%), and preventing unwanted comments on posts (7%).

A surprising finding from the study was that aunts and uncles were the most frequently blocked relatives, with 33% of users admitting to blocking these family members. They were followed by fathers (18%), mothers (15%), brothers (15%), and sisters (14%).

There was also a noted difference in the reasons for blocking among male and female users. Males were more likely to block relatives who posted extreme religious views or hateful content, while females primarily aimed to avoid oversharing personal life details and to protect their online reputation.

Generational distinctions were also apparent, with younger users from the Gen Z and Millennial demographics being far more likely to block senior family members than older generations.

“Our study shows how Indian social media users are balancing the complex dynamics of online privacy, personal identity, and familial relationships in the modern day,” said Angelian Saul, media strategist at “With online privacy being a hot topic in India, it’s important to understand these behaviors.”

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