Live Will Prepares to Launch a Unique New App That Preserves Loved Ones’ Video Messages

PINAMAR, Argentina, Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Live Will is preparing to launch a unique new cell phone app that will allow users to record encrypted messages for their loved ones to view after the user has passed away. The creator’s mission with this application is to provide people with lasting messages and videos of their loved ones to cherish long after they depart. Additionally, it is designed to help make the process of managing the administrative aspects of death more simple.

Edgardo Paso, creator of Live Will states, "Our mission is for people to overcome the difficulties that life and time may throw at them and to face the future with their families beside them, regardless of the circumstances. Many times, having the possibility of finding peace allows us to transcend in time for those who matter to us, continuing to be there as a guide, expressing to them from the bottom of our hearts what they mean to us."

Live Will was developed when the creator realized that life is short and people should never take saying "I love you" for granted. He understands that unpredictable events take place in life, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to say what they want to say to their loved ones before they leave this earth.

"We tend to believe that we will always be there for our children, that we can enjoy our grandchildren; pampering and pampering them in every step they take. But sometimes, fate has other plans in store for us, which is why the most cautious often resort to life insurance. Today, thinking about life insurance is synonymous with maintaining the economic well-being of your family, but there are things that money cannot buy; your presence. Live Will is revolutionizing the way you think about life insurance. Today we have before us an innovation in this market; emotional life insurance—your digital legacy," says the creator of Live Will, Edgardo Paso.

Live Will offers a range of useful features, including preservation of messages, security, management, and guardian notification. Each message has 256-bit encryption, which is the same type of encryption as everyday banking applications or other websites. The creators of Live Will cannot see any of the user’s footage when they upload it, as it is private information. Additionally, each message will be backed up to ensure it is secure and will be available for loved ones to view.

Not only does Live Will provide those left behind with an opportunity to see and hear their loved one speak again, but it also offers guardian and manager features, which are designed for those closest to the deceased to report their death and begin the grieving process as they had planned.

The company is excited to announce the launch of their new app, providing users with the opportunity to forever cherish the messages left by loved ones who have departed. For those interested in recording messages or having a loved on record a message to keep, please visit Live Will at

About Live Will

Live Will is an application for your cell phones and tablets, and it is available in both the iOS and Android stores. The app is designed to allow users to record and view video messages left by loved ones who have passed away. These encrypted messages are completely secure, and allow users to view them forever, carrying on the legacy of those they’ve lost. For more information about Live Will, visit

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