LegenDay New Website Comes to Life for Better User Experience

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, LegenDay launched a new website, https://legenday.com.cn. Our new website has a revamped look and feel, giving clients easy access to the company profile and products.

The new website has four main sections:

#1. Silicone product section – the section highlights all LegenDay products, including gifts, baby products, industrial products, and home products.

#2. Application section – it details all practical applications of our silicone products.

#3. About us section – highlights essential information such as our technological advancements, material safety, case studies, custom services, packaging, engineering support, certifications, and test reports.

#4. Contact – allows you to interact with the LegenDay team.

“With our new website going live today, LegenDay aims to ensure seamless communication with our longstanding and future clients,” said Frank, LegenDay Marketing Manager. “We will update our website regularly to make it a one-stop-shop for all silicon products information.”

The improved navigation functionality, user-friendly experience, and responsive design make this website accessible to everyone. Clients will access all LegenDay silicone product portfolios.

About LegenDay

For Over two decades, LegenDay has been a leading and trusted silicone products manufacturer in China. Our silicone products serve a range of industries, including industrial and home applications. LegenDay engineering team design and customize silicone products for OEM and OEM clients.

Media Contact:

Frank Bai

Email: 347726@email4pr.com

Phone: +86 13430834223