Launch of MicroGrid Intelligent Connect (MIC- Let’s Talk) Conversational AI Platform

VISAKHAPATNAM, India, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MicroGrid Inc. learned by combining from some of the best of the breeds and don’t want to re-invent the wheel. They strongly believe in co-collaboration/innovation and investments. They want end-users to be center and put themselves into the shoes of their customers to better understanding their clients. Whether a customer is 7 or 70 years old, in mere minutes the end users discover how to connect and sync perfectly.

"Our commitment is to make a conversational platform to connect your users and interact and transact through their daily conversations," Rama Narayana Vedula, CEO & COO MicroGrid, Inc.

The heart of the MicroGrid cloud consists of programmable platforms that simplify your most complex customer interactions and business processes that take place over the phone for end-users, making them more user-friendly. Easily connect people to the information they need, anytime and from anywhere.

MicroGrid AI solutions are hosted on Google Cloud using CCAI-Ex/ES technology in building the flagship product MIC (MicroGrid Intelligent Connect), the omni-channel platform for healthcare in improving Cx and improving proactive communication with end users from any channel. MIC is a fully GxP-validated application, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Analytics, and Infrastructure Modernization to help customers gain new insights and drive business outcomes to enable these results for customers.

To further strengthen the collaboration, MicroGrid believes in a strong vision of co-investment/collaboration/innovation with their partners and sustomers focusing on several key industry solution areas:

  • MIC (MicroGrid Intelligent Connect): Now with MIC, you can engage with your customers personally in building empathetic yet emphatic Intelligent Assistants. It’s difficult to predict user personality and behavior, as well as how interactions are managed, given the current consumer demand and drive for change. Now, MIC can guide, recommend, or involve customer support personnel at any given interval of the conversation. MIC supports AE Signal Detection for any Virtual Agent/Virtual Conversation. It supports multiple telephony and IVR conversations, as well as various social media applications as well.
  • Digisign & Conversational Schedule: Take the work out of your document workflow and let your customers complete the process through any channel. IVR (Voice), Voice APP, e-Sign, e-Fax, and OCR.
  • Users can book appointments, reschedule, send reminders and alerts, and cancel appointments using the conversational schedule’s many channels. It supports Outlook, Google Calendar, Ical and also support taking appointment through Google Assist, Alexa Devices for online, Virtual appointment, Make a call through Virtual Agent.
  • Conversational CRM: Conversational CRM is based on communication platforms as a service and is hosted on Google Cloud. You can effortlessly manage all of your consumer communications across several messaging channels from a single platform.

About MicroGrid

We learned by combining from some of the best of the breeds, and we don’t want to re-invent the wheel. We strongly believe in Co-collaboration/Innovation and Investments. We want our end-users to be at the centre of everything we do, therefore we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to learn about their consumers. Office locations in India, USA, Singapore, UK.

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