JustAnswer Launches “Pearl AI Answer Review” As Bold Strike Against AI Misinformation

New free service ensures AI answers are vetted by verified human experts

SAN FRANCISCO, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JustAnswer, the world’s largest expert platform, has announced an initiative to combat AI misinformation with the launch of Pearl AI Answer Review, a free new service that enables people to invite doctors, lawyers, accountants, mechanics, veterinarians and other verified human experts to review and rate the accuracy of AI-generated responses. 

According to a recent survey of over 500 US-based ChatGPT users, 79% have used it at least once for Professional Services, significantly higher than for creative writing (25%) and personal productivity (22%). Yet, only 50% of users actually trusted the information generated by ChatGPT for professional services, with 49% citing “lack of human knowledge and contextual understanding,” and 39% “not knowing if the answer is accurate or not. ” What’s more, when asked what features would help users trust ChatGPT more, nearly half (46%) said “being able to connect with a human to verify the output when needed.”

Now with the launch of Pearl AI Answer Review, people get free access to exactly what they requested — a human expert to verify AI answers without risking their lives, livelihood or the health and welfare of family or loved ones.

“Our mission at JustAnswer is to help people. And, people deserve the truth, not guesses. Today, we’re turning the tables on AI misinformation by launching our new Pearl.com AI Answer Review,” said JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig. “This tool puts the power of verified human expertise in your hands, ensuring that AI answers are scrutinized by an expert’s eye. It’s like having a personal fact-checker for every decision — because when it comes to your safety, your finances, and your well-being, we believe in certainty, not chance. This is the future: AI+Human Experts coexisting to give people the best of both worlds.”

How It Works

Pearl AI Answer Review – which initially launched in the pets category as “Pearl for Pets”  in December – is available at Pearl.com for free, now across dozens of categories, including Health, Legal, Finance, Pets, Tech, Auto, Home Improvement and Appliance.

Similar to going directly to ChatGPT, Pearl.com invites users to type a query into the chat box to receive a ChatGPT-generated response. However, once you get the answer, you’ll have the option to have the ChatGPT response reviewed for accuracy by a live, human expert in the relevant field (e.g., a doctor for a health question, a lawyer for a legal question, an accountant for a tax question, etc.). If you choose to review the AI, your conversation will be sent to a verified professional in that field who is part of the JustAnswer expert network. That JustAnswer expert will then review the conversation and generate a “Trust Score” for the query response ranging from 1 (lowest rating of confidence in ChatGPT accuracy) to 5 (highest rating of accuracy). Then, if you have further concerns about the ChatGPT answer, you can pay to speak one-on-one with a live expert online for more detailed, personalized information about your specific concern.

More about JustAnswer
JustAnswer has been connecting consumers with verified and vetted professionals online since 2003 and has helped millions of people get the right answers to their life dilemmas. The site has about 12,000 experts across more than 150 categories including health, legal, finance, veterinary, tech, home improvement and more.  

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