JoinBrands and TikTok Team Up to Enhance Influencer Marketing Experience

JoinBrands integrates TikTok marketing, allowing for seamless Spark Ad boosting in its
all-in-one influencer marketing platform

DALLAS, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JoinBrands, the fast-growing influencer marketing platform, has partnered with TikTok to integrate a Spark Ads functionality into the JoinBrands all-in-one platform. This new feature enables brands with just a few clicks in the JoinBrands platform to effortlessly boost videos using TikTok Spark Ads without needing a TikTok ad account.

In addition to TikTok marketing integration, JoinBrands also features built-in ad capabilities for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Amazon Shoppable Videos. It allows brands to instantly promote their content, enhancing their reach and visibility, and makes video boosting a seamless experience.

A leading player in the influencer marketing landscape, JoinBrands is known as the “UBER for influencer marketing.” It simplifies influencer marketing by providing a platform where brands can easily find and collaborate with quality, vetted influencers that align with their brand values and target audience. A variety of campaign types are offered, allowing brands to choose the campaign that best suits their marketing strategy.

There is no subscription fee at – it’s free to sign up, free to create a campaign, and free to see and choose from all the creators and portfolios. Brands only pay when a creator accepts their job. JoinBrands ensures secure transactions through escrow payments and manages the transfer of content rights, providing peace of mind for both brands and creators. This transparent pricing model eliminates hidden costs and ensures value for money. Brands get full content rights to reuse and repurpose, providing them with maximum flexibility and control over their content.

“By connecting brands with a vast network of qualified, vetted creators, JoinBrands makes influencer campaigns accessible and affordable for any brand, regardless of your size or budget,” said JoinBrands Co-Founder Ian Sells. “With streamlined processes, like our new TikTok integration, and scalable content creation, brands, marketers, and agencies can now propel their influencer marketing campaigns worldwide within minutes.”

JoinBrands is committed to continuous innovation, regularly updating its platform to offer the best features and services to brands and creators. For more information, visit

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JoinBrands is a fast-growing, all-in-one influencer marketing platform that is revolutionizing the way brands collaborate with influencers. By connecting brands with content creators and influencers, JoinBrands simplifies the process of content creation, influencer marketing, and social posting jobs. With a secure payment system, extensive network, integrated ad platform, and versatile campaign options, JoinBrands empowers brands to conduct impactful influencer campaigns at any scale.

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