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ATLANTA, Dec. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — is an independent website dedicated to giving women a voice. Where most sites write articles about women, wants to highlight stories for women written by women. The site posts stories and articles by dedicated authors for the site on a range of topics from personal development and entrepreneurship to life experiences and affirmations. The website is amplifying women voices and providing a single platform to encourage those to connect with likeminded women to enrich minds and share stories. Founder Sharon Erick’s goal was to create a site where all women can feel like their experiences can be shared and heard by other women who can relate their similar experiences. Especially with the recent movements towards empowering females to share their stories, is an inclusive platform for women to represent themselves.

For those who don’t have the time to refresh the site and read every new update, has a newsletter that is easily accessible for all users to subscribe to and receive weekly newsletters with the sites most recent articles and stories. is dedicated to cultivating a community where women can celebrate and share stories for other women to connect with. In addition to sharing stories, the site devotes their articles to crafting ideas and tips for women wanting advice on almost any topic they may want answers for. If advice for navigating online dating, sure-fire ways to kickstart motivation in your professional life, ideas for when and how to travel, has an article just for you. In order to read every article, users need to subscribe to the site. Signing up is easy. When users visit the site, they’ll be able to navigate to the signup window easily and from there just need to plug in their name and preferred email. As a subscriber, users will have full access to the entire site and the ability to read articles that are locked for subscribers only.

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