Is Facebook a Giant Marketing Scam? Many Entrepreneurs Say Yes.

ORLANDO, Fla., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent survey of 200 business owners and enterprise CEOs conducted by Green Light Digital, over 26% responded that they believe that modern digital marketing is a rigged system designed to get them to spend money. Furthermore, 15.6% say that paid online advertising is a scam, and almost 27% admit that their campaigns rarely, if ever, turn a profit.

According to data from the cybersecurity company CHEQ, marketing losses due to ad fraud will rise to $35 billion in 2020, a global economic study by has revealed. The report finds that while direct global economic costs of ad fraud are placed at $35 billion in 2020, indirect economic and social costs push the total closer to $40 billion.

This coincides with research by Max Read in a 2018 article for the New York Intelligencer which contains the incredible statistic that less than 60 percent of web traffic is human.”

Furthermore, on 18 February 2021, the Financial Times reported statements from some Facebook employees who believed they were promoting deeply wrong” data about how many users advertisers could reach, and one warned that the company had counted on revenue we should have never made” based on its inflated numbers, according to internal emails.

“Almost every day we see more evidence that the social giants like Facebook and Google are failing both businesses and society. Misinformation, ad fraud and algorithms skewed in their own favor are rightfully causing more and more entrepreneurs to search for better ways of telling their brand stories,” stated Dennis Lewis, CEO and founder of Green Light Digital.

Green Light Digital, creators of the Meaningful Marketing Method, help entrepreneurs achieve reliable and consistent marketing success by choosing to not play the typical digital marketing game. By combining clear and compelling messaging with the cultivation of a tribe of true fans, business owners reap longterm rewards.

“Almost everything people are being taught about marketing isn’t true and fails to produce tangible results in the real world. That’s why entrepreneurs are so frustrated. In my book The 7 Myths of Modern Marketing, I outline an alternative path forward that is not only more sustainable but also far less stressful and resource-demanding,” stated Lewis. A free download is available here.

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