Introducing SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate: Revolutionizing the Multilingual Grantmaking Process – SmartSimple Software Sets a New Benchmark for Efficient Multilingual Communication in Philanthropy

TORONTO, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s diverse philanthropic landscape, clear and seamless multilingual communication is paramount. Responding to the intricacies of managing user interfaces across 7,000+ global languages, SmartSimple Software proudly presents its latest innovation: SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate.

This game-changing solution employs advanced AI to break down language barriers, offering a more intuitive, streamlined, and cost-effective method to make organizations’ grantmaking platforms multilingual. By focusing on the user interface, +AI Translate ensures that the essential tools used by grantmaking organizations resonate across languages, enhancing clarity and operational efficiency.

The New Translation Workflow
Traditional user interface translation workflows often entail a complex and multi-step process that is both laborious and time-consuming. With the introduction of +AI Translate, this is condensed into a simplified three-step approach:

  1. Choose the target languages.
  2. Allow +AI Translate to autonomously manage text extraction, translation, review, and content upload.
  3. Audit and fine-tune as needed.

In mere minutes, grantmaking platforms are transformed, ensuring stakeholders and grantees encounter a fluent multilingual user interface. This not only minimizes translation costs but also accelerates the deployment of multilingual grant programs.

Eric Lauer, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSimple Software, emphasizes the profound impact of this innovation: “Grant-making is about fostering connections and facilitating meaningful change. With SmartSimple Cloud +AI Translate, we’re committed to ensuring that language differences don’t become obstacles. This tool reflects our dedication to leading technological advancements in the philanthropy sector.”

Key Features of +AI Translate:

  • Automated Translation Process: Eliminates manual translations, saving time and valuable resources.
  • Consistent User Experience: Changes or additions are automatically translated, ensuring continuity.
  • Customization & Precision: Option to manually adjust translations for greater nuance and accuracy.

Learn More
SmartSimple Software invites organizations to witness the future of multilingual grantmaking first-hand. Contact Smartsimple for a personalized demo today and experience the transformative capabilities of +AI Translate. With the service set to be available for subscription through the SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace on November 9th, 2023, now is the time to prepare for a more streamlined, accessible, and efficient multilingual grantmaking process.

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