Interview Valet Ensures Podcasts Hosts That Their Certified Guests Promote Their Appearances

Hosts work hard to create their podcasts. Guests should work hard to promote their episodes.

KALAMAZOO, Mich., Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Interview Valet announced the official launch of the Committed to Collaborative Promotion program. A promise where podcast guests placed by Interview Valet commit to promoting their episodes.

Currently, nearly 3 million podcasters are working hard on their art. They invest time and money in creating their shows. Many episodes have guests who bring unique expertise. Hosts hope that they will also bring their audience to help grow the show. When the guest promotes the interview on social media, and to their email list, it helps everyone by amplifying the interview. For the last 18 years of podcasting, it was a hope. Now, when guests are Committed To Collaborative Promotion, it becomes a reality.

“One of the biggest complaints we hear from podcast hosts is their frustration that the guest disappears after the interview. They never promote the interview. Many are pitching shows just to use their audience. These takers look at it as a transaction, a one-night stand, not a relationship. Interview Valet is different. Relationships are core to our values,” says Tom Schwab, the Founder and Chief Evangelist at Interview Valet, the leaders in podcast interview marketing.

Interview Valet is committed to relationships and so are their Certified Guests. That is why every new client indicates how they will promote their interviews. Interview Valet even trains their Certified Guests on how to promote and repurpose interviews. The goal should always be to get and give the most value from each podcast appearance. “It’s not just about doing more interviews; it’s about getting more from every appearance,” says Schwab.

Certified Guests from Interview Valet who make the commitment will have a special logo on their one-page media kit to clearly identify them. The hope is that podcasters will look for this seal, and everyone pitching to be featured in podcast interviews will first be Committed to Collaborative Promotion.

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