Interest in Shopify-based Head Shop Payment Processing Increasing, According to Tower Payments

AMESBURY, Mass., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to Tower Payments, a New-England-based payment processor, there is a noticeable growing demand for US payment processing that both allows the sale of head shop items like water pipes, and also integrates easily with Shopify.

There are two main factors driving this demand.

First is Shopify’s ever-solidifying reputation as a gold standard in e-commerce. Shopify’s recent public reporting shows a 40 percent increase in merchant sales volume. Many attribute this to the platform’s ease of use and ever-growing features and benefits. Most payment processing professionals we have spoken to expect Shopify to maintain a dominant market share among e-commerce website owners in the United States.

Second is the increase in marijuana legalization across the United States. Roughly one year ago, four more states were added to the number of jurisdictions that legalized the recreational use of marijuana for those 21 years old and above. As of late 2021, 18 states, plus the District of Columbia, have legalized recreational marijuana use. An additional 13 states have decriminalized possession of small amounts of high-THC cannabis for personal use.

Based on these two factors, Tower Payments founder and director, Nyah Penney, expects a continued high demand for Shopify payment processing that allows smoking accessories like functional pipes. Penney says, "I expect the growth in Shopify credit card processing interest among head shop website owners to continue well into the future. Products like glass bongs and smoke shop paraphernalia are becoming mainstream, and Shopify’s already stellar reputation seems to be improving, if anything."

Tower Payments offers Shopify-integrated AuthorizeNet-based payment processing for online head shops. They provide high-risk online businesses with payment gateways and merchant account recommendations so that Shopify head shops have another affordable way to process credit card transactions. Tower Payments has over six years of direct experience working with Shopify-based head shops and offers a host of solutions catered to the industry.

As the market for legal marijuana paraphernalia has expanded, Shopify merchants find that they have more options – it is no longer necessary for marijuana-accessory website owners to lose sleep over their inability to accept credit cards.

Tower Payments offers high-risk Shopify merchants the ability to save money on credit card processing while maintaining a one-on-one support approach that can be important to business owners who have struggled with integrating high-risk payment processing in the past.

Many Internet head shop merchants are relieved to find that the unstable, overpriced third-party solutions of years past are no longer the norm. Credit card and online debit card payments are often 100 percent of an online head shop’s revenue, making the affordability and stability of their payment processing an essential part of doing business online.

One solution that works for many Shopify site owners is AuthorizeNet. This popular payment gateway is used by hundreds of thousands of websites, and it can also work well for online head shops as long as it is properly integrated with a head shop merchant account. Tower Payments offers assistance, advice, and support for Shopify head shop integrations. can also be used with other shopping carts like WooCommerce. Nyah Penney says, "Our host of shopping-cart-specific payment processing solutions helps online head shop owners run their website as is – without having to start over on a different platform. When payment processing is properly set up, website owners are free to sell water pipes, functional pipes, and other head shop products without anxiety. We want online businesses to be able to sell their legal smoke-shop items online without dealing with bad service and high fees."

As marijuana legalization becomes more mainstream, the number of Americans living in areas that allow its recreational and medicinal use is growing exponentially. Consequently, the demand for Shopify credit card processing for online head shops will also continue to expand as new websites come online and existing retail businesses expand into e-commerce. Tower Payments is well positioned to provide Shopify sites with payment gateway integrations and high-risk merchant account recommendations that work.

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