Intellifluence Launches Revolutionary Method of Ranking Influencers: Herd Worth

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eyeing both a hole in the market for influencer valuation as well as a demand for an easy to understand score that explains the social media power of an individual, Intellifluence is announcing the launch of its new measurement known as Herd Worth.

“Brands want to have accurate information on how much an influencer’s full attention is really worth, while influencers often want to know how they compare to their peers,” said Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Intellifluence. “Figuring out influencer worth is getting too complicated. We’ve been conducting influencer compensation studies for a couple years now, and the data derived from them is not getting any simpler – each social network has its own supply and demand curve for what the market will bear, each has its own per follower baseline calculation, each has its own variance when accounting for true engagement. Our goal here, for brands, is to try and simplify. Brands are still almost always going to hire influencers on a social network per post basis, but this provides a much better gut check to allow an apples-to-apples comparison when the decision is not simple. Say for instance you are comparing two influencers, one more popular on Instagram and one more popular on TikTok, but both are reaching their audiences via multiple channels. From an investment perspective, Herd Worth will help a brand to place a bet easier by quickly estimating what the overall worth is for a single post across all those networks. This should hopefully make it easier for those brands new to influencer marketing to make their first couple of pitching decisions.”

Intellifluence as a large warm contact network provides match-making technology that makes it easy for brands to connect with and run marketing fulfillment campaigns with influencers over all facets of social media who have opted-in to work with brands.

“The other side of the development of Herd Worth was the influencer’s focus and desire to be the best,” Sinkwitz continued. “In the past there have been good attempts to provide a singular score which social media users could use as rough guidance when it came to expanding their overall presence. Sadly, many of those attempts have gone by the wayside because they were not tied to a score that was more concrete and marketable. With Herd Worth, influencers won’t just have a number they can brag about, they’ll have a dollar figure associated with it. I cannot think of a simpler ranking method by which one can compare to one’s peers. Without getting too much into the proprietary calculations, we designed HW in such a way that the better the influencer goes about their business, such as improving post quality, community relations, or community outreach, the better their HW score will get. We wanted to create something that was aligned with the influencer – the better they are as an influencer, the higher their Herd Worth will ultimately get. There’s still a lot of work to be done integrating the use of Herd Worth throughout Intellifluence and teaching our users how best to interact with it, but we’re very excited for the challenge.”

Moving forward Intellifluence intends to incorporate Herd Worth into its existing compensation guidance system and provide tools surrounding the use of it in the broader influencer community.

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