Innovative Comedian Todd Montesi Premieres His “PN & FRIENDS” Show This Week in The Metaverse

NEW YORK, Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative NYC-based comedian Todd Montesi, who’s made appearances on HBO, Comedy Central & other myriad platforms, is setting his sights on a new frontier: The Metaverse. Creator of the "meta-sitcom" PN & FRIENDS, Todd Montesi is premiering the newest episode of his project on the upcoming platform SPACE (, "a virtual world building the next frontier of social commerce experiences in the metaverse." Created by young tech guru Batis Samadian, who Todd met during the NFT NYC convention last Fall, they have been sharing ideas and reaching back and forth for collaboration about bringing both the mediums of performance and virtual reality together. "I like doing things next level" says Montesi "and this feels right up our alley with what I’m trying to do with entertainment and storytelling in the 21st century."

Montesi plans to stream his newest PN & FRIENDS episode  on his social media platforms (with being the main hub) followed by an afterparty in a specialized  "SPACE" in the metaverse where there will be an NFT drop/giveaway (from artist Geoffrey Krawczyk’s PN-NFT drop) as well as performances, skits and other "weird dope vibes." There will be only 30 invitees inside the metaverse party; even though it’s "exclusive" the whole affair will be streaming out for the world to see. "This is going to feel like MTV’s Spring Break but in the metaverse! It’s going to be sick!" says Montesi enthusiastically.

"PNMANIA IN THE METAVERSE" will live-stream this Thursday December 30th, 2021 @ 8PM EST via and other multiple platforms.

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