Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping & Backpacking Receives Accolades

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyke & Byke is pleased to reveal that its recently launched sleeping pad for camping and backpacking has made a promising start in Amazon. Many Amazon shoppers have already recommended this camping mattress pad for camping, backpacking, hiking, and bike packing. According to these users, the product offers a combination of comfort, convenience, and durability at affordable pricing. 

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“Our company was founded on the principle of extending the wilderness to anyone through providing premium quality products that we ourselves use at honest prices. Ultralight backpacking, bouldering, and camping are hobbies, a mindset, and a way of life that we want to share with everyone,” said a senior spokesperson from Hyke & Byke spokesperson.

The sleeping mattresses from Hyke & Byke are available in standard and ultralight sizes. The standard-sized mats are 76 inches long and 24 inches wide. On the other hand, the ultralight mats have a length and width of 72 inches and 20 inches. The two variants of these inflatable sleeping pads can be rolled down to 11 inches by 4.5 inches and 11 inches by 3.5 inches for the standard and ultralight sizes, respectively.

One of the Hyke & Byke sleeping pad’s most important features is its 4-inch thick (standard) and 2.5- inch thick (ultralight) horizontal air channels. These channels are designed to provide optimal body and joint support while preventing side-curling of the pads. The pads are also equipped with a micro-adjustment valve that allows users to adjust the air pressure as per their preference.

Made of water-repellent 70 D ripstop nylon, this inflatable sleeping pad offers long-lasting durability. This special type of nylon also helps users save space because it allows them to roll the pad up tightly and securely before storing it in their backpack. Also, with its single-side rapid air discharge valve, the product deflates quickly.

“Super compact and light sleeping pad with exceptional comfort and pad thickness. Just wide enough to give you comfort after a day on the trail. The attached Pac-tite roll fastener is a great bonus that allows you to leave the stuff sack at home. Quick and easy deflation makes packing up easy. The micro-valve adjustment is a nice perk. Great sleeping pad that saves weight and space in your pack,” an impressed user mentioned in her Amazon review. 

Hyke & Byke is the brainchild of a group of outdoor enthusiasts looking to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. In addition to delivering premium quality outdoor gear, the company is dedicated to eliminating poverty through funding microloans. 

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About Hyke & Byke
Hyke & Byke is a small but rapidly growing, independent outdoor gear company that was inspired and built by a group of entrepreneurial outdoorsmen who felt that the outdoor gear market was filled with overpriced products that could be better designed and sold at honest prices. We struggled for years to always find a great deal on each product we buy to support our addiction to the outdoors. After years of turmoil, we felt we could do better and launched Hyke & Byke to the public in 2015, after years of start-up conversations and planning efforts.

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