Idexo Announces an Exciting Lineup of New Collaborations and Experiences to Kickstart an Action-Packed April

LONDON, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This April, brace yourself for excitement as idexo, a leading provider of Web3 Revenue and Loyalty Solutions, announces a series of major new partnerships and initiatives. Discover an extraordinary fusion of gaming, NFTs, and cutting-edge Web3 experiences, connected by idexo’s innovative technology.

The fun begins on April 12th with Bionic Owls launching a special Soulbound Tokens (SBT) mint using idexo’s exclusive technology that enables users to mint directly on Twitter with a tweet. The NFT-enabled Play to Impact and Play to Earn game, striving to bring inclusivity to the Web3 space, will provide an upgradable SBT that unlocks a whitelist spot through a hosted token gating site for an upcoming NFT sale and special in-game items. Bionic Owls is on a mission to become the first fully accessible FPS/PVP metaverse game.

The excitement continues with NFT Tallinn, the largest Web3 and NFT conference in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. On April 13th, the Web3 and NFT community can mint a special Soulbound Token (SBT) also on Twitter with a tweet. By visiting the hosted token gating site, holders will gain a special discount for the conference. This upgradable SBT also enables holders to earn rank and badges by engaging with event activities, exhibitors, and sponsors. Top participants may even snag exclusive prizes, all thanks to idexo’s seamless system. In recognition of their contributions, idexo has been named a Gold Sponsor of NFT Tallinn, where CEO/CTO Greg Marlin will take the stage to share his insights at the conference taking place May 8-10, 2023.

Mid-month, don’t miss the webinar hosted by idexo and Ecodynamics on April 18th, from 3pm-4:30pm CET, entitled “OpenAI/ChatGPT Driven Asset Tokenization and NFT”. Idexo was the first to offer OpenAI-generated NFTs integrated in any web form and the first to enable NFT creation from within ChatGPT’s chat UI through its partnership with Zapier, one of the ChatGPT launch partners. Webinar participants who register can mint an AI-Generated NFT using a simple prompt and the email they use to sign up. The webinar will showcase the inner workings of this groundbreaking process and cover other exciting innovations.

Next up is GLOBULA, a hardcore science fiction adventure game blending real-world player experience, enigmatic storytelling, and multiplayer mobile role-playing strategy. Idexo enables the global community to mint SBTs on Twitter April 25th, which, when connected to a hosted token-gating site, allow the holders to mint beta invite passes for the game. Players who successfully sign up five others using their beta invite passes unlock a special mystery prize.

April concludes with a bang as idexo teams up with Aftermath Islands, a revolutionary metaverse game featuring jaw-dropping graphics and a star-studded development team with experience on projects like Frozen, John Wick, Iron Man, and Star Wars. Through idexo, players can mint a Soulbound Token item on Twitter, connecting to a hosted token-gated site. By providing their email, they can whitelist themselves for the game and receive a special in-game item that “burns” from their SBT upon login. To participate, watch for the Twitter mint on April 26th.

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