Identity Management Institute Launches the Metaverse Security Center and Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC)™ Certification

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the growing adoption of the blockchain technology to develop the next generation of Web3 Internet and decentralized applications, Identity Management Institute has launched the Metaverse Security Center to increase awareness of metaverse security risks and Web3 security best practices through the Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC)™ training and certification program.

With the blockchain technology at its core, Metaverse is an advanced Web3 version of the current Internet which offers an immersive digital space to further transition our physical life into the cyberspace and reshape our way of life from finance, education, business, gaming, and entertainment to new ways for digital property ownership and payment with the use of NFT and crypto.

Ownership and self-custody are key characteristics of Web3 where power and control are returned to the users in contrast to today’s centralized Web2 applications. The new Internet is expected to offer portability, ownership, and transparency with the highest level of encryption and greater level of responsibility in private key custody, identity management, and security.

Facts About Metaverse

“Metaverse is a galaxy of interconnected virtual worlds where people will be able to travel from one world to another and interact with one another in shared digital spaces” according to Henry Bagdasarian, Founder of Identity Management Institute. “In the metaverse, people will interact with digital twins to conduct business, attend concerts or sport events, go to school, and shop among many other things through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, and other new devices”.

The metaverse market grew from approximately $500 million in 2020 to $38 billion in 2022 and is expected to add $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030. There are currently 400 million active metaverse users globally and by 2026 about 25% of global population and 30% of businesses are expected to interact in the metaverse.

About CMSC Certification

Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC)™ is a new cybersecurity certification with a focus on Web3 and metaverse security for cybersecurity professionals who are interested in becoming certified metaverse experts.

The CMSC certification course is designed to address evolving security and privacy risks as global companies embrace the metaverse to interact with customers and conduct business in a new way. The CMSC certification course addresses various security topics and offers solutions related to decentralized identity and access management, cybercrime and fraud prevention, smart contract transaction automation, data security, ethical conduct, privacy, and compliance. 

Below are the proposed chapters for the CMSC certification study guide and examination. These critical risk domains provide additional details about the comprehensive metaverse security risk management training and certification program:

  1. Metaverse Security Overview
  2. Web3 Model and Architecture
  3. Metaverse Security Threats
  4. Metaverse Security Risks
  5. Metaverse Security Countermeasures
CMSC Certification Process

Cybersecurity professionals involved in metaverse related projects are encouraged to join Identity Management Institute and become a Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC) to help advance their cybersecurity careers, improve industry standards, and promote the CMSC program.

Interested candidates are welcome to submit the CMSC application for risk-free certification evaluation and approval. The application includes relevant information about qualification criteria, certification process, and fees. 

About Identity Management Institute

Identity Management Institute® (IMI) is the leading global certification organization serving professionals in identity governance, access management, system security, and data protection.

Established in 2007, IMI certifications help global members advance in their careers and gain the trust of the business communities they serve with their security, identity, and access management skills.

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