Home Title Lock Taps Former FBI Assistant Director James Finch as its Senior Cyber Security Advisor

Former Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division combines forces with the USA’s leading home title fraud detection service to educate American consumers on how to protect their most valuable asset from this fast-growing crime.

SAN DIEGO, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Home Title Lock announces that former Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, James Finch, has joined its team as its Senior Cyber Security Advisor. Finch shares a mutual passion with the nation’s leading home title fraud detection service to stop these cybercrimes and get the word out to consumers on what they can do to protect themselves from being vulnerable to title theft scams.

"The FBI has identified real estate scams as a fast-growing threat to American homeowners," said Finch. "That’s why we must do all we can to ensure safeguards are in place to thwart these cybercriminals and stop them in their tracks. The ease of identity theft, filing fraudulent paperwork, and accessing online records means that homeowners need to be extra vigilant in protecting their most valuable asset. I’m so pleased to work with Home Title Lock to make sure this happens."

Unfortunately, the recording systems around the country are vulnerable to fraudulent, mistaken and otherwise illegitimate filings. Home Title Lock is a 24/7 home title monitoring and fraud prevention service that deploys proprietary software to watch title filings for subscribed properties at the county level and any changes trigger an immediate alert. Should a filing fall into one of these categories, their Title Restoration Team works with the subscriber to resolve the issue.

"We are beyond thrilled to have James’ experience and insight as we work each day diligently to fight home title fraud," said Home Title Lock Founder Harish Chopra. "James brings an abundance of firsthand knowledge from his days as an FBI cyber professional on how best to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access and misrepresenting themselves to commit this devastating crime. With James on our team, subscribers can feel more confident that we’ll alert them of any potential wrongdoing as soon we detect any tampering."

Finch holds a master’s in Information Assurance and Cyber Security, a bachelor’s in Business Administration, and an associate in Applied Science in Cyber Security. He began his career as a special agent with the FBI in 1984. His long list of highlights included a two-year deep undercover assignment posing as a high-level drug trafficker, serving five years as a member of the Indianapolis SWAT team, supervising the Houston Division’s first Cyber Squad, and serving as the Head of the FBI’s Cyber Division at FBI headquarters. He retired from the FBI in 2015.

For more information on Home Title Lock, visit https://www.hometitlelock.com.

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The nation’s first and leading home title theft detection service, Home Title Lock offers a comprehensive approach to protecting customers’ homes by monitoring title filings throughout the country. Through its proprietary technology, Home Title Lock alerts homeowners in real time as any title documents are disturbed. This advance notification service works to prevent criminal activity before homeowners are impacted. Home Title Lock is based in San Diego, CA and is privately held.

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