Healthtech Leader Eon Ranked Among Industry Leaders for Information Technology in a Recent Crosslake TechIndicatorTM Review

DENVER, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Denver-based healthtech leader Eon announced today it has achieved a 92 overall Crosslake TechIndicatorscore in a recent information technology assessment, outperforming the industry average score of 70. Eon’s high score in three categories: Information Security, Infrastructure and Organization, ranked two standard deviations above the average, placing them among industry leaders for each of these areas.

Crosslake’s team used the company’s patented platform and proprietary TechIndicators, based on data from thousands of prior tech investments, to assess the performance of Eon’s cloud-based platform infrastructure against industry benchmarks for information security, business continuity, software architecture, and other technology operation assessments. The assessment is designed to help software companies mitigate risk and strengthen security, while allowing institutional investors to gauge the strength (or weakness) of a potential investment opportunity. Eon scored higher than industry-leading or industry-average scores in all six technology assessment tracks.

Eon, founded in 2015, was one of the first healthtech vendors to utilize the cloud, then considered cutting edge by an industry that fought to maintain on-premise software and hardware. By utilizing the cloud, Eon optimized different technologies to build a tech stack that ranked among best-in-class for infrastructure, flexibility to network in and universally translate disparate systems, and outperform the industry average for information security by 27 points.

"Overall, we found Eon to have a mature, robust information security program with strong administrative and technical controls, making them an industry leader in this assessment category," Crosslake stated in Eon’s diligence report. Eon’s uncompromising commitment to information security is underpinned by rigid annual SOC2 Type II compliance audits.

Eon began the evaluation with Crosslake when growth equity firm Integrity Growth Partners (IGP) was evaluating Eon for a recent investment. Ryan Anderson, Partner, IGP, said, "We’ve been working with Crosslake for close to a decade, and we use them to evaluate our potential partnerships. At the stage in which we typically invest, a good product, technology, and engineering organization will usually score close to industry average on TechIndicators, with a few tracks scoring into the 80s, and occasionally one creeping into the low 90s. Eon’s performance in Crosslake’s assessment is, across the board, the best report we’ve seen in any of our investments, and highlights the strength and capabilities of Eon’s product, technology, and engineering team. It’s incredibly impressive."

Eon continues to build upon its industry leading platform by expanding the Eon product portfolio and investing additional resources into its Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure to positively impact more patients. Now backed by industry leading assessment scores, Eon will continue to further its mission to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable.

About Eon
Eon is a data science company that reduces variation in care and ensures adherence through patient capture, engagement, management, and tracking. We are on a mission to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable. We believe together we can defy disease.

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Crosslake was founded in 2008 by an original member of Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence team with the intent to help changemakers buy, build and run technology that creates value. Crosslake’s unmatched community of technical practitioners – former CTOs, CIOs, architects and engineers – are skilled at translating technology buzzwords into actionable, business-focused insight. Their seasoned judgement is supported by the proprietary Corsis® platform, which leverages data from thousands of prior technology M&A transactions to define objective, measurable TechIndicators™ that private equity investors and management teams rely upon to deliver strategic value creation initiatives and inform diligence. Learn more at:

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