Harmonize Launches ML-powered Employee Lifecycle Management Platform for IT Teams to Streamline and Secure Enterprise Access

Startup uses automation and machine learning models to solve access risk and reduce inefficiencies in the access approvals process

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harmonize, the intelligent employee lifecycle management platform for access and compliance, today announced the launch of its platform for CISO, CSO, and IT leaders seeking easier processes to alleviate security risk. Harmonize solves identity lifecycle management with automation using AI and ML models to help SMBs and enterprises save valuable time and cost. The software plugs the gaps in identity management by automating entitlement analysis to provide more contextual insights for decision-making by the IT and security admins. Harmonize is the connective tissue using employee data to make intelligent decisions, replacing a traditionally manual process for access requests.

The global average cost of a data breach for organizations has increased 15% over the last three years, reaching $4.4 million in 2023, with over half planning to increase security investment, according to data from IBM. The majority of data breaches for high-level enterprises are caused by overprovisioned access. The shift to remote-first work during the global pandemic saw an unprecedented amount of remote access being granted for both employees and vendors for organizations across many different industries. When overprovisioned access is granted, it can lead to an increase of security breaches and malicious insiders. The static systems used to keep track of these forms of access have failed to keep up with the intelligence and scale needed to manage these requests efficiently.

Integrating Harmonize as an employee lifecycle management platform allows small businesses and medium-sized enterprises to do more with less. Leaner teams need software that is easy to integrate into existing systems and simple to maintain. Harmonize was built with those end-users in mind to save precious man-hours by streamlining decision making processes through persona configurations. Additionally, surfacing access anomalies in real-time as opposed to a traditional, longer, access review process provides a more secure environment.

“Our team has built a Harmonize-like application in some form or another at every company we’ve ever been with. As former operators, we all have a soft spot in the space to finally create a tool that addresses the issues we were previously faced with,” says Harmonize CEO, Johnny Kinder. “Many of the tools currently available cater to large-scale organizations, so SMBs have had to make due with using disparate tools to piece together their IGA process. Harmonize gives these mid-level organizations the power to shore up their identity management.”

Harmonize adds value by offering 3 distinct solutions that can either be used individually or complimentary as an all-in-one platform for businesses:

  • Identity, Governance, & Administration: ML models work behind the scenes to determine the right amount of access that should be applied to individual employees. This just in time approach allows organizations to stay on top of access or denials for maximum security and efficiency.
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding: This time-consuming process is now consolidated to a single platform to track, grant, or revoke access as employees onboard, change roles, or offboard entirely. Connect to 100+ HRIS/ATS systems to seamlessly move employee data to downstream IT systems. Audit trails are automatically recorded to simplify the compliance process.
  • Mobile Device Management: Powered by Fleet Device Management, Harmonize MDM seamlessly integrates with the employee lifecycle providing features like “Lock device at time of offboarding“. Leveraging osquery on the backend allows organizations to have critical telemetry about their devices across macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS to ensure constant compliance.

Harmonize was founded by seasoned IT veterans with extensive backgrounds in IT security who know the nuances of identity and employee access. CEO Johnny Kinder and Head of Product, Dean Clark Jr. have a combined experience of over 25 years working on IT employee lifecycle management. The process of granting and verifying access has long been a pain point in the IT space that members of the Harmonize team are very familiar with. Harmonize was built to democratize IT automation and intelligence to solve the problem once and for all.

“We have a myriad of systems, both unique and off-the-shelf, needing seamless connections and centralized control to help with our identity sprawl. Even with heavy configuration and investment into our SSO provider, there were still many manual tasks that needed to happen,” says Simplebet Director of SRE Max Neumann. “Harmonize acts as the connective tissue between our IT and People systems, flowing employee data across all our integrations, transforming complexity into opportunity, and enabling us to scale with confidence. We are excited about the future of the platform.”

To learn more and request a demo, visit: https://harmonize.io

About Harmonize
Founded in 2022 by a team of IT, security, and compliance experts from WePay/JPMorgan, Harmonize integrates disparate business systems across IT, HR, and others, to streamline the employee lifecycle from beginning to end. Harmonize understands the problem from an operator level and knows exactly what administrators are looking for. Existing identity management tools are time-consuming, inefficient, and can leave organizations prone to human error. Harmonize uses ML models to make identity and access management automatic, instantaneous, and accurate.

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