Happiem Announces the Delicious, 0-Calorie Social App

SAN DIEGO, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Happiem announced that their new social app can increase your happiness level by combining fun, tech, and science in the perfect recipe to positively impact your sense of well-being — and it’s a delicious concept.

For most people, social apps are like an addictive sweet piece of cake we reach for whenever we are bored, worried, stressed, or just want to take a break from the daily routine.

But these apps have an unhealthy dark side: they feed you misinformation and show you people at their highest point in their private jets, while you are at your lowest point in your pajamas. It’s a recipe for disaster, leaving you subconsciously (or consciously) comparing them to yourself and feeling empty and dissatisfied.

The General Social Survey reports that the happiness of American adolescents has a sudden turn downward around 2016. As it happens, this is the same time Instagram started exploding in popularity.

To make matters worse, related cases of depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation have increased sharply among young people, especially in girls and young women who use social media frequently. Recent info from a Facebook insider shows that this social media giant has done nothing to quell these issues — if anything, they’ve exacerbated these tragic cases.

But what if we had a healthy cake to turn to and satisfy our online social cravings without the unhealthy sugars and fats of comparison and envy? What if we had a healthy social app that could help us use our free time to plan for fun and improve our lives?

The answer is Happiem, a social app that’s based on the science of well-being that encourages users to engage in more real-world activities instead of spending countless hours alone online.

Instead of mindless, passive scrolling, the Happiem app engages users in an active way. One example is the app’s "Plan" button. Instead of hitting Like or Save when you see something you like, such as a vacation photo, selecting the Plan button will instantly add that place to your calendar — a great first step to planning a vacation of your own.

After placing it on your calendar, you can share it with friends and family to let them know what you’re planning so that they can join you as well. Over time, you’ll likely get busy and forget to keep making arrangements for that plan, but Happiem doesn’t forget! It keeps gently reminding you to finish planning your dream vacation and make it happen. And by doing so, you will have a sense of achievement — which is one of the most important pillars of happiness based on the science of well-being.

The Happiem methodology adds a healthy purpose to the online social world, and it’s like having all of the delicious treats you want without the bad side effects. In other words, it helps users to create their own fun future — not wasting time scrolling on heavily filtered posts of someone else’s life.

The time has come for an ad-free social app that promotes outdoor activity, brings people together, and protects user information. Get ready to enjoy guilt-free cake every day with the Happiem app and be a part of a hopeful shift in societal happiness.

About Happiem

Happiem was fouNnded by Mehran Java. Mehran has been studying the impact of social media apps since 2017 and was inspired to create Happiem to help people enjoy all of the good aspects of social apps while improving — not harming — their personal well-being.


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Mehran Java

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