Group-IB Named Largest and Most Experienced Incident Response Retainer Provider

SINGAPORE, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Group-IB, one of the global leaders in cybersecurity, has been named the largest and most experienced Incident Response Retainer (IRR) provider in Aite-Novarica’s recent Impact Report on IRR market players. Aite-Novarica Group, an advisory firm providing mission-critical insights on technology, regulations, strategy, and operations to hundreds of financial sector companies, independently selected, interviewed, and analyzed the IRR offering of 24 most prominent IRR vendors with a demonstrated market presence. Group-IB has been recognized by Aite-Novarica’s advisors as one of the top IRR service firms whose pedigree in Incident Response (IR) within the financial services industry is virtually unmatched.

Launched in 2015, Group-IB’s Incident Response Retainer is a pre-negotiated statement of work to provide a synergy of proactive and reactive services related to a security incident. Having immediate and professional 24/7 emergency response when an incident happens allows Group-IB customers to minimize the impact and downtime of cyberattacks without wasting time on formal procedures that normally accompany any contract signing. Given the commonplace nature of data breaches and IR-related regulations, the need for financial services firms to have a well-rehearsed incident response program is essential, according to Aite-Novarica experts.

Group-IB’s IRR program is based on the company’s track record in responding to cyber incidents for 19 years, involving over 1,300 investigations across 60 countries, and racking up 70,000 hours of hands-on IR experience. According to the Aite-Novarica report, this experience makes Group-IB an outlier seven times over. Group-IB has over 150 active retainer clients, including the top 30 largest banks and financial services firms globally.

One of Group-IB IRR’s prominent features is its ecosystem of interconnected products and services consolidated under the Unified Risk Platform. Every product and service, including its Managed XDR, is enriched with intelligence from Single Data Lake, which contains the industry’s largest and richest body of adversary intelligence.

“Group-IB can check out incidents faster than other IRR service providers that operate without an EDR solution. Incident responders can detect previously unknown threats based on Group-IB’s threat intelligence and attribution ability, and proactively search for anomalies, hidden tunnels, and signs of communications with command-and-control servers,” the report says.

Another Group-IB’s unmatched advantage is the availability of its own authorized international Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GIB), which, according to the Aite-Novarica Impact Report, is a key indicator of an IRR vendor’s commitment to Incident Response. CERT-GIB is a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), an accredited member of Trusted Introducer, and a partner of the International Multilateral Partnership against Cyber Threats (IMPACT).

Aite-Novarica researchers believe Group-IB represents an outstanding option for international organizations requiring an IRR service with the scale and reach necessary to support complex incident responses. “It offers flexible retainer terms, including a discounted rate for additional consulting services. Customers can repurpose prepaid hours toward selecting proactive, reactive, and educational services ranging from penetration-testing, red-teaming, and IR training,” concludes Tari Schreider, Aite-Novarica Group Strategic Advisor.

The Aite-Novarica’s report is intended for IR leads, CISOs, and disaster recovery managers who are engaged in selecting and integrating an external Incident Response Retainer service provider with an organization’s internal IR program.

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