Groundbreaking Passwordless Technology Set to Revolutionize User Authentication

The new frictionless authentication technology is the result of a long-term collaboration between telecoms provider JT Group and anti-fraud tech provider Honey Badger HQ.

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new passwordless user authentication technology that isn’t susceptible to fraud has been launched — and it’s set to change the way people access password-protected services.

Silent Authentication+ is the result of a collaborative effort between Jersey Telecom (JT) and anti-fraud specialist Honey Badger HQ (Honey Badger), and it uses the same technology mobile networks use to authenticate their users.

As online fraud continues to wreck lives and businesses, most consumers and organizations are still using legacy authentication methods such as passwords and SMS One Time Passwords (OTP). This new technology will perform authentication checks automatically — creating a seamless experience for the user.

This revolutionary form of authentication is completely silent. The process begins when Honey Badger prompts the mobile network to send a random number to the user’s SIM.

Once the number is received, the device and the mobile network each create a token using a cryptographic hash. Honey Badger then communicates with both the device and the network to ensure the tokens match. If they do, access to the service in question is granted. And this whole process takes just a few seconds to complete.

This passwordless process is significantly more secure and smoother than other methods — such as SMS OTP — in use today. In fact, Honey Badger has confirmed that Silent Authentication+ is up to 20 times faster than OTP.

Working collaboratively on this groundbreaking project, Honey Badger and JT have designed this passwordless authentication solution with in-built fraud detection and additional security.

The result is a turnkey solution for user logins, payment authentications, account recovery and more. Silent Authentication+ can be integrated into existing mobile and web apps with ease — thanks to a user-friendly API.

The possibilities for this new frictionless technology are both numerous and exciting. The average user would never have to rely on passwords for authentication again — meaning bad actors wouldn’t be able to intercept them through fraudulent practices such as phishing.

As this technology relies on communication between the device and the network — facilitated by Honey Badger — no third-party app is required. Silent Authentication+ can be triggered from any device, mobile app or website. The end result is a super-fast, frictionless authentication process that improves user experience while eradicating password-related fraud.

Honey Badger CEO Matthew Salisbury is confident that this new technology will have far-reaching consequences for digital user authentication. He said:

“We have been working tirelessly with our partners JT to develop a frictionless, more secure way to authenticate users. After significant investment and hard work, we believe Silent Authentication+ delivers all our objectives.”

“Online fraud and data security are still huge problems for both businesses and consumers — despite massive investment in prevention methods and education. Our method removes authentication as a barrier to good customer experience while enhancing security.”

“Silent Authentication+ can be used for passwordless logins, account recovery, replacing authenticator apps and authenticating payments. It’s also a hassle-free alternative to SMS OTP and other methods of 2FA and MFA.”

“We believe this is the future of online fraud prevention. Despite big technological advances in the area, passwords, systems access and user data are still susceptible to social engineering schemes such as phishing. Our technology is completely immune to such measures.”

“Working side by side with JT on this technology has been a privilege. They have been a global presence within the telecoms industry for over a century. Silent Authentication+ is proof of what can be achieved when specialists from different sectors come together in the fight against online fraud.”

Peter Stok, Head of JT’s Fraud Protection Strategy, added; ”Silent Authentication+ aims to improve the customer experience by removing authentication barriers while still maintaining or even enhancing security. All too often overly complex or time-consuming authentication processes frustrates customers and can potentially lead to security risks if customers resort to insecure methods to bypass them. By working together, combining Honey Badger’s innovation, speed and agility in fraud protection technologies and JT’s global expertise in telecoms we’ve developed a solution that recognizes that a balance between security and user experience is crucial.”

Silent Authentication+ is available for integration with Android, iOS and web applications now.

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