Golden Leads, an Affiliate Network Focusing on Lead Generation for the Finance Niche, Announced Its Official Launch Today

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Leads will connect financial companies to affiliate marketers in a relationship that entails the payment of an agreed-upon commission for a lead or a sale referred by the affiliate marketer.

“Everyone in the digital marketing industry is familiar with ‘global’ affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Click Bank or Share a Sale, but those are all-encompassing affiliate networks that promote companies and products in all niches and verticals. The reality is that there is a huge difference in the way you promote a bicycle, a weight loss supplement, and an investment product, so we believe companies and affiliate marketers operating in the financial space are better served by joining an affiliate network that focuses on their niche. Now, a couple of years ago, we realized that there was no affiliate network that operated exclusively within the financial space, which is why we decided to start working on Golden Leads. Two years later, we are proud to launch it to the public!” said Jonathan Kund, director of operations at Golden Leads Network.

Affiliate marketing has been growing in popularity lately. Many large e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, have been very successful at launching a large scale affiliate program.

“People don’t realize how much Amazon benefited from launching their affiliate program, called Amazon Associates. Millions of website and blog owners have been recommending Amazon products since then, and implementing hyperlinks on their websites directly to Amazon product pages. Those website owners have been rewarded by Amazon a commission for every sale generated through those links. As a company, having an affiliate program in place is like having an unlimited army of marketers promoting you for free, essentially, because you only pay them when a valuable action is taken (e.g. a sale or a lead),” said Mr Kund.

The idea of rewarding someone for a referral or sale is certainly not new, but the Internet and the variety of digital tools available today make it much easier to implement, track and scale an affiliate or partner program.

“Our goal is to help financial companies, mainly those interested in lead generation, to increase their revenue by connecting them with hundreds or thousands of high-quality affiliate marketers in their industry. Our affiliate marketers tend to own popular financial blogs and social media platforms that they use to promote external companies and products in the financial space, in exchange for healthy commissions. It’s the most organic business relationship one can hope for, involving zero risk on either side,” added Mr Kund.

Golden Leads is now an invitation-only network, which means both advertisers and affiliates have to request an invitation in order to join. Learn more and request an invitation at

Contact name: Jonathan Kund

phone: 647-682-3222

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