‘Global Security Support’ Brings Completely Different IT Support Philosophy: Treating People Like Individuals with Real-World Computing Problems

KENSINGTON, Calif., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global Security Support (GSS) announced the official launch of its dedicated IT support company, complete with multiple services engineered to provide a full framework of complex consulting services. Whether companies are looking to update their computer systems, train staff, answer general computing questions, or provide programs to help secure company communications with email encryption and VoIP technologies, GSS can help. With over 30 years in the business, technicians at GSS bring a depth of knowledge one might expect from a larger IT-support company, but on a budget more reasonable to small and midsized businesses. To get new clients started, GSS is currently offering a limited-time free initial consultation to companies that want to assess their vulnerabilities.

GSS understands how important it is for clients to speak with a real person, especially when clients experience a computer crisis:

"I’ve been in computer and IT support for many years and if I’ve learned one thing about customer service, it’s this: people miss human interaction," said David Arrants, GSS Founder. "Large corporations have turned customer service into a digital phone-labyrinth – a place to send their customers so they don’t have to listen to their problems or deal with their needs. So while we could extoll the benefits of each of our many specific IT services here at GSS – like office, server, security, program, and browser support – I would say that our number one virtue as a company is our human connection. We treat our clients like trusted business colleagues rather than customers. We answer the computer questions that can be really frustrating. And we tell our clients: before you give up, take a break. Walk away from that computer and give us a call."

Global Security Support: Providing Swiss Encrypted Email

"One of our most important services is helping businesses become familiar with end-to-end email encryption," said David Arrants. "Protecting sensitive data from hackers, bad actors, computer thieves, and simple errors like sending to the wrong address are all critically important in the Information Age. And while there are many encryption options out there, Swiss-based Proton Mail is the best because it is one of the few Zero Access Encryption servers in the world. But unfortunately, although Proton is easy to use once set up, the process of switching over can be overwhelming to non-techie folks. So we’ve got you covered. We have performed this upgrade many times and already know how to ensure that it goes smoothly."

Encrypted email features include:

  • Data security and neutrality, protected by Swiss servers and strict privacy laws.
  • Unmatched end-to-end encryption with zero-access. Even Proton cannot decrypt and read emails, absolutely guaranteeing emails are never shared with third parties.
  • Open-sourced email code that respects privacy and is easy to use, once set up.

For more information on email encryption and other IT upgrades and issues, schedule an initial consultation with GSS by visiting them online.

About Global Security Support (GSS)

Founded in 2019, GSS is an American owned and operated company created by industry veterans who are trained to deal with the day-to-day issues experienced by typical computer users. Whether its Windows 10/11, Office 365, cloud storage, encrypted email, setting up a new server, or more specialized technologies like Smokeball, Clio, Time Matters, Westlaw, or Houdini, chances are GSS can help. Most importantly though, in addition to being tech experts with full 360-degree IT experience, GSS believes in human connections – like having a real person answer the phone when a client calls. Give us a call today and see how we can help. Or explore all the computing help we offer at: www.GlobalSecuritySupport.com.

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