G&B Founder Promotes a Positive Entrepreneur Mindset to Influence

LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kyle Hjelmeseth of G&B Digital Management uses his top-tier agency platform to inspire change and empower conversations around mental health among influencers. The self-made minority business owner shares his approach to entrepreneurship and aims to reinvent the digital talent management experience with integrity, transparency, and a human touch. As May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, mental wellness among his influencer clientele has moved to the forefront of the conversation.

“Influencers are self-starting entrepreneurs in the digital space. Influencers are always ‘on’ in the same way business owners in other industries need to be in order to succeed,” says Hjelmeseth. “However, I always encourage my clients to take time for themselves to recharge. There’s no way they can show up for their followers at 100% if they don’t show up for themselves.” 

Hjelmeseth encourages his staff and list of over 100 influential clients to communicate the message of mental health wellness within their communities on social media. G&B is working with Psychologist @reenabpatel to host zoom calls with G&B staff and clients by creating Jeopardy type games on ways they can check in with their mental status, naming the sessions: “How to Take Back the ‘I’ in Influencer.” G&B also shares resources like NAMI and www.teenlineonline.org throughout the year. They recently partnered with college micro-influencer @chloetessmiller to host sessions on Clubhouse, addressing topics like “Combating Burnout and Overall Mental Wellness for Gen Z.”

Hjelmeseth’s intentional leadership is paving the way for other like-minded entrepreneurs and influencers to reinvent the “entrepreneur mindset” into a mindful approach to business that allows for more mental wellness and “downtime” to rest and reset. Learn more about G&B and get to know Founder Kyle Hjelmeseth at gb-dm.com.

About G&B Digital Management (gb-dm.com):
G&B Digital Management is a minority-owned, top-tier firm that specializes in guiding digital content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and hospitality sectors. G&B established the College of Influence (CollegeofInfluence.com) for anyone looking to grow their influencer career. Deeply passionate about social justice, bi-racial Founder/ CEO Kyle Hjelmeseth also introduced the Normalize Equality initiative (NormalizeEquality.online) as a how-to guide for influencers, brands, and agencies seeking to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the influencer marketing industry.

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