Game-changing AI Decision Intelligence Company AvaWatz Announces Investment and Shareholder Opportunities

DALLAS, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AvaWatz Company, (“AvaWatz”), a decision intelligence technology company that make robots collaborate with each other announced today the launch of their capital raise campaign on the Wefunder platform at U.S. and International investors can become shareholders in AvaWatz.

AvaWatz uses decision intelligence to make robots collaborate. Their platform transforms robots into teams of ‘cobots’ that get more done, faster, without compromising quality or safety. More simply put, they get robots to work together. Working together, cobots shoulder the burden of tedious, repetitive, and unsafe tasks. Their platform enables robots to handle complex, multi-step assignments with ease.

AvaWatz’s first market vertical is in the airfield space. There, its platform uses camera and airborne sensors on drones to identify potential debris hazards (even in low-light or harsh weather conditions) for removal. AvaWatz AI software identifies potential hazards, then transmits the information to the ground crew (future service packages will include ground-based retrieval robots) that quickly locate and remove the debris-providing a significant increase in speed and safety while avoiding human tedium.

Since 2019, AvaWatz has won over $2M from Department of Defense in R&D funding. The company earlier had raised over $1M through crowd equity and aims to raise up to $5M with this current round. AvaWatz will use the new round of funding to augment its sales and engineering teams to address the growing demand for collaborative robotics, a market that is predicted to reach $2T by 2030 with a CAGR of 12.3% from 2021-30.

“I was actually seeing lot of hardship that many of human workers face especially performing tedious jobs in harsh conditions and when you are in the trenches watching them perform it, you realize that maybe all this ought to be done by robots,” said Dr. Rajini Anachi, Co-founder & CEO of AvaWatz. “The future is that we’d be working more and more with robot teams, so we might as well embrace it and think about how we can make a difference. How we can move the needle of the future.”

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About AvaWatz

AvaWatz is the next-generation AI decision intelligence company, specializing in advanced vision/perception, decision making and cooperative navigation for task execution using machine learning and physics-based algorithmic technologies. AvaWatz platform drives adaptive autonomous robotic systems built around a Sensing-Deciding-Acting paradigm. AvaWatz provides End-to-End private / hybrid Cloud-based SaaS and real-time AI solutions to commercial and Government customers.

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