Former Federal Reserve Bank Regulator David Cass Named President of CISOs Connect, an International Cybersecurity Organization

Cass brings an unparalleled background in cryptocurrency compliance, strategic cybersecurity planning, and peer mentoring and advocacy to this role

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, CISOs Connect, an exclusive community of cybersecurity leaders, appointed David Cass as President. In this role, Cass will lead the company’s peer engagement efforts, ensuring that the community is catering to the unique and evolving needs of Chief Information Security Officers. CISOs Connect is an interactive organization catering to cybersecurity leaders’ education, networking, and information sharing needs.

"David is not only a respected cybersecurity and compliance expert, but he is also on the forefront of evaluating risks related to some of today’s most promising emerging areas, like NFTs and Blockchain," said Aimee Rhodes, CEO of CISOs Connect. "He is a valuable addition to CISOs Connect, providing the community with a level of strategic guidance and expertise that allows them to take advantage of new solutions and technologies."

David also recently joined GSR, a global crypto market maker, as Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). GSR specializes in providing liquidity, risk management strategies, and structured products for blockchain projects and sophisticated investors in the digital assets industry. As Global CISO, Cass will be responsible for driving the firm’s information security and privacy strategy, working across teams to improve existing information security and privacy, and creating new solutions to improve the safety of the digital asset space.

Since 2019, Cass served as a lead regulator for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he was a member of the Large Institution Supervision Committee (LISCC). As financial institutions move into new areas, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital assets. Cass was part of a senior team contributing to the strategic direction and examination priorities for evaluating the safety and soundness of financial institutions, including a focus on these areas. He also served on working committees considering AI/ML, cryptocurrency, DeFi, digital assets, and the future of banking.

Cass co-led an organization of experienced cyber and IT examiners at the Federal Reserve. He contributed to current policies and guidance related to cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and AI/ML. He helped set the strategic road map of exam and supervisory monitoring related to cyber, regulatory compliance, and IT Risk for globally significant financial institutions. In addition, David’s experience as a Senior Partner at Law and Forensics enabled him to assist various organizations with their security, regulatory, and privacy challenges.

"I am very excited about the opportunities presented by CISOs Connect and to work with some of the world’s smartest, most innovative CISOs," said Cass. "This prestigious and dynamic group brings together some of the world’s top cybersecurity leaders that share best practices, approaches and ideas, which ultimately leads to better protection for all of us."

About CISOs Connect
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