Forging Ahead: McDurmon Distributing Pairs with BigCommerce

FENTON, Mich., Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The problem was simple, yet complex. McDurmon Distributing was looking for e-commerce solutions, so it formed a powerful partnership with BigCommerce to take its sales to the next level.

"Partnering with Big Commerce has enabled McDurmon to have a strong presence on the Internet," said Troy Muzer, a Product Analyst at McDurmon for more than 20 years. "There was a time when we had one web page, basically, for only placing orders. There was no way to find anything on the Internet from McDurmon."

With BigCommerce, the playing field leveled and McDurmon quickly began seeing results from its partnership. More visitors to the site, more sales and revenue, and a more streamlined approach to reach potential customers.

"Partnering with BigCommerce has changed this," Muzer continued. "Potential customers can now find McDurmon when searching for specific parts or brands. It’s also given our customers access to more information regarding our inventory and parts we sell; it offers a more efficient way to order and check inventory, shipping rates, account management and it provides other information to users."

The e-commerce process used to be riddled with bottlenecks and delays. Today, that is no longer true for McDurmon.

"Before this partnership it sometimes took days to approve new customers," Muzer said. "By changing and utilizing the BigCommerce tools and features, becoming a McDurmon customer is now fast and easy. The application only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. Once it’s submitted, the account is generally approved the same day — often within the hour."

Due to today’s fast-paced and ever-changing e-commerce environment, partnering with BigCommerce made perfect sense to McDurmon, a family-owned company based in Fenton, Mich. since 1968.

At McDurmon Distributing, we’re proud to be your Parts Professionals.

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